Robert McGREW

Born:1668 In:  ? MacGuirebridge, Co Tyrone, IRE
Died:Circa 1745 (at age ‎~77‏)In:  York Co, (now Adams) PA

Immediate family

Isabella McGREW (born (?FINLEY))
His wife
Finley McGREW
His son
William McGREW
His son
"the elder" James McGREW
His son


FAMILY FOUNDER IN US; Landed in either Baltimore, MD or New Castle, DL. Went to Chester Co, PA then to Lancasstor Co, PA. They settled near Petersburg (now Dillsburg) in Adams Co., 3 miles NE of Milleresburg (?) and 20 miles north of Gettysburg. When Robert arrived he is said to have been "wearing a Blue Scotch bonnet or Glengary Cap." It has been said that his family was a distinct off shoot of the Clan MacGregor in the Scottish Highlands as early as 1296. [However, Y-DNA analysis in 2006 of his desendants disputes this. It appears that Robert and his descendants are descended from the Picts of N. Ireland that started there and went over to Scotland and returned to N. Ireland during the Plantation of Ulster. cjm.]


Bur; Chestnut Hill Burial Ground, Adams, PA which is 1 mile west of

Heidlersburg, on PA 234 on Finley McGREW farm

Petersburg (now Dillsburg) is 20 mi NE of Gettysburg


SOURCE; Boyd Fam Gen; 276 (Scott Lee Boyd)

Ruth Wallace McGREW

Biggs McGREW Gen; Hathaway


OH Gen Notes; Dr Frank Gardner; 26 Apr 1936

McGREW Report-York Co, PA Gen Soc; 10

Marion Foreman McGREW, 700 Bower Hill Rd , # 1530

Pittsburgh, PA 15243 (1996) he claims Isabella BELL

The Clan Finley; Rear Admiral Herald Stoat

Joanne Rabun, 2087 Lake Isle Dr, Eugene, OR 97402 (1996) (says he was b in MacGuirebridge, IRE)

C. J. McGREW, Jr. - This is the same Robert that was listed with (? his relative) William in the 1699 Document in the Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland (see my 1995 Addendum to my 1989 book which had a photo copy of that document in the back pages of the book) which listed all Presbyterian heads of households as they were setting up the first Presbyterian Church in Omagh, Co., Tyrone, Ulster (N. Ireland today.) This docume nt was sent to the Bishop in Londonderry, Ulster (N. Ireland.) The McGREW farm & stone house where Robert probably was born and lived about 3 miles SW of Omagh is discussed in my 1995 Addendum page 53. 2/2000 Attention is invited to my 1999 paper written in conjunction with William J. McGREW of Omagh titled "All McGREWs Are Related." cjm.

I (C. J. McGrew, Jr.) agreed to participate in May 2006 in the McGrew Y-DNA project (6th subject) since I am descended from James A McGrew (b abt 1733) in Omagh through his son Alexander McGrew who came to Charleston, SC with his family in 1773 when Alexander was about 5 years old. The other McGrews in the Y-DNA project were descended from Robert directly (or another McGrew who came to Camden, SC) and we have assumed that I am descended from William who was the other McGrew listed in the 1699 document. My Y-DNA analysis shows with a 99% accuracy back 400 years that I am descended from Robert's father (who ever he was). We are attempting to get a Y-DNA analysis from William J McGrew (died 11 July 2007) or one of his sons in Omagh who is descended for sure from William McGrew in the 1699 document. That would help tie Robert and William together as either brothers or very close relatives through Robert's father. cjm

I (C. J. McGrew, Jr.) received a copy of "The McGrew (MacGrew) History" prepared for the August 12, 1912 McGrew Reunion at Olympia Park, McKeesport, PA from Peter Craford on 11/18/2004. It was written based on what was written by Samuel McGrew [s/o Nathan McGrew who was the s/o Finley McGrew who was s/o Robert & Isabella McGrew] in 1844. Some of the information is all that we knew at this time, BUT some of the information has been replaced by more accurate data that has become available since 1912. This is especially true of Robert & Isabella's religious connection before coming to America. We now know that it was Presbyterian at the time they were married in 1698. However, I am quoting it below for those that would like the imformation because it is not available elsewhere in this database on McGrews. Attention is invited to my 1999 paper with what is known today. cjm.


"James C McGrew, late of Kingwood, WV wrote: 'There is no doubt that the McGrew's who migrated from Ireland to America about 1726, were native Scots or descendants of Scotish immigrants who had left Scotland to avoid (as Quakers) religious persecution. The name McGrew is Celtic, and should be spelled MacGrew, as many other names are spelled.' He wrote further that he had often heard his father say that his grandfather came to America wearing a blue Scotch Bonnet, doubtless a Glengary cap, still worn in Scotland."


"THE HISTORY OF THE McGREW FAMILY." (written 1844 by Samuel McGrew)

"From the time of their Emigration from County Tyrone, Ireland."

"Robert McGrew and his wife, Isabella with their five sons, John, Finley, William, Alexander and James and two grand children Archibald and Catherine, children of John, came to the United States about the year 1726 or 1727, and settled in Adams County, State of Pensylvania."

"On the subject of their wealth at the time of their emigration, history is silent, but I infer from the fact that they gave the Township in which they settled in Adams County, the name of the County they came from in Ireland, that is Tyrone, that they were of some note at the time of their emigration."

" Robert McGrew and Isabella, his wife, I believe died at an advanced age and were buried in the Chestnut Hill burying ground in Adams County, and I think John was buried at the same place but at what age he died I do not know."

"Finley McGrew died a middle aged man and was buried in Friends burying ground in Menellan Township, Adams County, and left a widow (Elizabeth) and five sons namely, James, Nathan, William, Finley and Peter, who all lived to be aged men, and begat many sons and daughters."

"James, Nathan and William were buried in Friends burying ground in Sewickley Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Finley was buried in Columbiana County, Ohio. Peter was buried in Bedford County. PA."

"Of William and Alexander, sons of Robert, I know but little. James McGrew, fifth son of Robert and Isabella lived to an advanced age, (I believe 86 years), and had a large family of children and was buried in Menallon burying ground aforesaid, his children were Finley, Nathan, Simon, James, Deborah, Ann and Mary."

"Nathan died a young man and left one daughter, Rebekah, who was afterwards married to John Hutton."

"Finley, Simon, James and Mary and Ann all had large families of children, and lived to an advanced age and were buried in Friends burying ground in Sewickley Township, aforesaid. Catherine, grand daughter of the aforesaid Robert and Isabella, was about 2 years old when they left Ireland and lived to the age of one hundren and four years and was buried in Westmoreland County, PA, on the 26th day of October 1826."

"Nathan McGrew, son of Finley, and grandson of Robert and Isabella, was married to Martha Hendricks and had seven children, namely, Finley, Samuel, Nathan, Mary, Martha, James and Stephen. At the time of writing this, to wit:---1844, Samuel Martha, James and Stephen are living. Finley, Nathan and Mary are deceased."

"Samuel McGrew married Deborah McGrew and they had nine children, namely, Martha, Elizabeth, Finley, Jane, James, Nathan, Mary, Archibald, and Huldah."

"Of what religious profession the aforesaid Robert and Isabella were when they came from Ireland, I do not know, but from the fact that in after days all of their descendants, who did not marry Quaker wives, did belong to the Church of England. I presume they belonged to that church when they left Ireland." [See my note above on this statement! While there are Church of England = Episcopalian churches in Omagh today, evidence suggests that Robert probably was Presbyterian. cjm.]

My DNA analysis (2006) shows that I have a 99% chance of being related to Robert's father over 400 years ago. This "suggests" that Robert and William in the 1699 Head of Presbyterian Households in Omagh were likely brothers. 12/15/2006. cjm.

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