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William Baldassarre

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William V Baldassarre 1894

William V Baldassarre, born Circa 1894

William V Baldassarre was born circa 1894, at birth place.
William married Agnes Baldassarre.
They had 2 children: Yola Baldassarre and one other child.
William lived in 1935, at address, Oregon.
He lived in 1940, at address, Oregon.
William Baldassarre 1893 1974

William Baldassarre, 1893 - 1974

William Baldassarre was born on March 12 1893.
William lived in Portland, Oregon 97231, USA.
William passed away in September 1974, at age 81.
William Baldassarre 1911 New York

William Baldassarre, born Circa 1911

William Baldassarre was born circa 1911, at birth place, New York, to James Baldassarre and Gaetan Baldassarre.
William had 6 siblings: Fannie Baldassarre, Frank Baldassarre and 4 other siblings.
William lived in 1930, at address, New York.
William G Baldassarre 1967

William G Baldassarre, born 1967

William G Baldassarre was born on month day 1967.
William lived at address.
He lived at address.
He lived on month day 1999, at address.
He lived on month day 2005, at address.
He lived on month day 2008, at address.

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