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Vittoria Amadeus

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Vittoria Francesca di de Savoie (born Savoia), 1690 - 1766 Vittoria Francesca di de Savoie (born Savoia) 16901766

Vittoria Francesca di de Savoie (born Savoia) was born on month day 1690, to Victor Amadeus and Jeanne GeneviÀve Amadeus (born d'Albert).
Victor was born on May 14 1666, in Torino, Torino, Italy.
Jeanne was born on January 18 1670, in Paris, Ile de France, France.
Vittoria had 2 siblings: Marie Adelaide Princess de Viennois (born de Savoie) and one other sibling.
Vittoria married Vitorrio Amadeo de Savoie on month day 1714, at age 24.
Vitorrio was born on March 1 1690.
They had 2 children: Luigi Vittoria de Savoie and one other child.
Vittoria passed away on month day 1766, at age 76.
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