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Thrudur Arnadottir

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Þrúður Bárðarson 1630

Þrúður Bárðarson (born Árnadóttir), born Circa 1630

Þrúður Bárðarson was born circa 1630, at birth place, to Árni Magnússon and Solveig Magnússon.
Þrúður had 7 siblings: Olaf Arnasson, Gudridi Hölskuldsson and 5 other siblings.
Þrúður married Gisli Bárðarson circa 1650, at age 20 at marriage place.
They had 7 children: (Rev) Vigfus Gislasson, Erlend Gislasson and 5 other children.
Thrudur Arnadottir 1698

Thrudur Arnadottir, born 1698

Thrudur Arnadottir was born in 1698, at birth place, to Arni Eiriksson and Gudbjorg Eiriksson.
Thrudur was baptized at baptism place.
She had 3 brothers: Sigurd Arnasson and 2 other siblings.
Thrudur Arnadottir 1697

Thrudur Arnadottir, born 1697

Thrudur Arnadottir was born in 1697, at birth place, to Arni Hjorleifsson and Ragnhildur Hjorleifsson.
Thrudur had 2 siblings: Emerensiana Thorsteinsson and one other sibling.

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