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Pedro Fernandez Saavedra-Buitrago

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Pedro Antonio Fernandez Saavedra-Buitrago, born 1725 Pedro Antonio Fernandez Saavedra-Buitrago 1725

Pedro Antonio Fernandez Saavedra-Buitrago was born on month day 1725, at birth place, to Alfonso Fernandez Saavedra-Imbernon and Juana Fernandez Saavedra-Imbernon (born Buitrago Fernandez).
Alfonso was born in Mula Murcia España.
Juana was born in 1706, in Mula Murcia España.
Pedro had 4 siblings: Gil Silvestre Fernandez-Saavedra Buitrago and 3 other siblings.
Pedro married Maria Fernandez Saavedra-Buitrago (born Aparicio Cervantes) on month day 1760, at age 34 at marriage place.
Maria was born in Mula Murcia España.
They had 3 children: Juana Fernandez Aparicio and 2 other children.
Pedro passed away at death place.
He was buried at burial place.
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