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Nicolas Barab

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Nicolas Barab, 1703 - Circa 1771 Nicolas Barab 17031771

Nicolas Barab was born in 1703, at birth place, to No L Barab and Marie Marguerite Barab (born Tousignan).
No was born in 1669, in Trois Rivieres, QUE.
Marie was born circa 1671, in Quebec, QUE.
Nicolas had 10 siblings: Joseph Barab, Jean Baptiste Barab and 8 other siblings.
Nicolas married Marie Anne Barab (born Maillot) on month day 1729, at age 26 at marriage place.
Marie was born circa 1709, in Quebec province.
They had one daughter: Fran Oise Lebouef (born Barab).
Nicolas passed away on month day 1771, at age 68 at death place.
He was buried on month day 1771, at burial place.

Nicolas Barab, Circa 1647 - 1676 Nicolas Barab 16471676

Nicolas Barab was born circa 1647, at birth place, to Robert Barab and Marie Barab (born Tarou).
Nicolas married Michelle Barab (born Oinville) on month day 1668, at age 21 at marriage place.
Michelle was born circa 1647, in St-Paul, Paris, Ile de France, FRANCE.
They had 4 children: Nol Barab and 3 other children.
Nicolas passed away on month day 1676, at age 29 at death place.

Nicolas Barab, 1624 - 1681 Nicolas Barab 16241681

Nicolas Barab was born in 1624.
Nicolas married Michelle Barab (born Ouinville) in 1676, at age 52.
Michelle was born in 1640, in St-Paul, Paris.
Nicolas passed away in 1681, at age 57.
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