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Mercedes Becerra-Armesto Malvar

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Mercedes González Alegre (born Becerra-Armesto Malvar), 1881 - 1972 Mercedes González Alegre (born Becerra-Armesto Malvar) 18811972

Mercedes González Alegre (born Becerra-Armesto Malvar) was born in 1881, at birth place, to Manuel Becerra Armesto and Josefa Becerra Armesto (born Malvar de la Maza Taboada y Quiroga).
Manuel was born on September 18 1843.
Josefa was born on 4 de Jun de 1852.
Mercedes had 4 siblings: Josefina Montero-Ríos Y Villegas (born Becerra Malvar) and 3 other siblings.
Mercedes married Francisco Gonzalez Alegre.
Mercedes passed away in 1972, at age 91 at death place.

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