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Marja Ali-Huikko

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Marja Olofsdotter Ali-Huikko (born Arckila / Aarikkala), 1793 - 1830 Marja Olofsdotter Ali-Huikko (born Arckila / Aarikkala) 17931830

Marja Olofsdotter Ali-Huikko (born Arckila / Aarikkala) was born on month day 1793, at birth place, to Olavus Andersson Nikula > Arckila and Johanna Thomasdotter Nikula > Arckila.
Olavus was born on July 14 1765, in Jokioinen, Jenhij. Nicula.
Johanna was born on February 26 1772, in Jokioinen, Jenhij. Arckila.
Marja was baptized on month day 1793, at baptism place.
She had 2 siblings: Eva Olofsdotter Kulmala (born Arckila / Aarikkala) and one other sibling.
Marja married Johan Andersson Ali-Huikko on month day 1816, at age 23 at marriage place.
Johan was born on November 14 1785, in Tammela, Ojais, Ali-Huiko.
They had 5 children: Johanna Johansdotter Yli-Huokuna > Ali-Huikko, Anna Caisa Johansdotter Yli-Huokuna (born Ali-Huikko) and 3 other children.
Marja passed away on month day 1830, at age 36 at death place.
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