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Maria Porrone

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Maria Maldifassi (born Porrone), 1828 - 1904 Maria Maldifassi (born Porrone) 18281904

Maria Maldifassi (born Porrone) was born in 1828.
Maria married Francesco Maldifassi.
Francesco was born in 1825.
They had 5 children: Debora Mandelli (born Maldifassi), Teresa Mascarini (born Maldifassi) and 3 other children.
Maria passed away on month day 1904, at age 76 at death place.
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Maria Hortensia Bartolo 1882

Maria Hortensia Bartolo (born Perrone Pizzano), born 1882

Maria Hortensia Bartolo was born on month day 1882, at birth place, to Juan Perrone and Teresa Perrone.
Maria had 6 siblings: Clementina Maria Teresa Perrone Pizzano, Erlinda María Desolinda Perrone Pizzano and 4 other siblings.
Maria married Antonio Bartolo in 1900, at age 17 at marriage place.
They had 2 children: Maria Cristina Garcia Diaz and one other child.
Maria Meliande 1889

Maria Meliande (born Porrone), born Circa 1889

Maria Meliande was born circa 1889, at birth place.
Maria married Juan Meliande.
They had one daughter: Angela Miglionico.
Maria La Terza

Maria La Terza (born Porrone)

Maria La Terza was born at birth place, to Antonio and Maddalena.
Maria married Antonio La Terza on month day 1902, at marriage place, New York.
Maria Bosco

Maria Bosco (born Porrone)

Maria Bosco married Nicolas Bosco.
They had one daughter: Maria Jorgelina Angela Bosco.
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Maria Jorgelina Angela Bosco 1900

Maria Porrone, born 1900

Maria Jorgelina Angela Bosco was born on month day 1900, at birth place, to Nicolas Bosco and Maria Porrone.
Micaela Bosco 1894

Maria Porrone, born 1894

Micaela Bosco was born on month day 1894, at birth place, to Nicolas Bosco and Maria Porrone.
Giuseppe Alfonso Salvatore Tufariello 1864

Maria Giuseppe Porrone, born 1864

Giuseppe Alfonso Salvatore Tufariello was born on month day 1864, to Pasquale Tufariello and Maria Giuseppe Porrone.
Giuseppe was baptized on month day 1864, at baptism place.
Giuseppe lived in 1864, at address.
Vincenzo Scavo 1861

Maria Porrone, born Circa 1861

Vincenzo Scavo was born circa 1861.
Vincenzo married Maria Porrone.
They had one child: Vito.
Vincenzo lived at address.

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