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Magne Andersson Kvamme

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Magne Andersson Kvamme, 1648 - 1705 Magne Andersson Kvamme 16481705

Magne Andersson Kvamme was born in 1648, at birth place, to Anders Knutsson Kvamme.
Anders was born in 1604, in Kvamme, Hordaland.
Magne had 4 siblings: Johannes Anderssen and 3 other siblings.
Magne married Dorte Andersson Kvamme.
Dorte was born in 1650.
They had 2 daughters: Marta Brørviik (born Magnesdatter Kalvik) and one other child.
Magne passed away in 1705, at age 57 at death place.

Magne Andersson Kvamme, born 1648 Magne Andersson Kvamme 1648

Magne Andersson Kvamme was born in 1648, at birth place.
Magne married Unknown.
They had one daughter: Ingeborg Brørvik (born Magnesdatter Kalvik).
Magne passed away at death place.
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