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Louisa Barte

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Louisa J Barte 1859 Iowa

Louisa J Barte, born 1859

Louisa J Barte was born in month 1859, at birth place, Iowa.
Louisa married James M Barte circa 1875, at age 15.
Louisa lived in 1900, at address, Kansas.
Louisa B Barte 1832 Pennsylvania

Louisa B Barte, born 1832

Louisa B Barte was born in month 1832, at birth place, Pennsylvania, to Emma Ann Barte.
Louisa had 2 siblings: Charles B Barte and one other sibling.
Louisa lived in 1900, at address, Pennsylvania.
Louisa E Barte 1854 Indiana

Louisa E Barte, born Circa 1854

Louisa E Barte was born circa 1854, at birth place, Indiana, to William Barte and Mary Barte.
Louisa had 4 siblings: Sarah M Barte and 3 other siblings.
Louisa lived in 1860, at address, Indiana.
Louisa Barte 1861

Louisa Barte, born Circa 1861

Louisa Barte was born circa 1861, at birth place, to Martin* Barte and Elizabeth Barte.
Louisa had 3 siblings: William Barte and 2 other siblings.
Louisa lived in 1871, at address.
Louisa Barte 1886

Louisa Barte, born Circa 1886

Louisa Barte was born circa 1886, at birth place.
Louisa married Frank Barte.
They had 5 children: Mary Barte, Adolph Barte and 3 other children.
Louisa lived in 1920, at address, Texas.
Louisa Barte

Louisa Barte (born Schweizer)

Louisa Barte married Fritz Barte on month day 1886, at marriage place, New York.

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