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Lars Andersson Kvalvåg

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Lars Andersson Kvalvåg, 1709 - 1774 Lars Andersson Kvalvåg 17091774

Lars Andersson Kvalvåg was born in 1709, at birth place, to Anders Olsson Smørdal and Sissela Olsson Smørdal (born Andersdatter Isdal).
Anders was born in 1663, in 66/1 Smørdal, Lindås, Norge.
Sissela was born in 1674, in Lindås, Hordaland, Noorwegen.
Lars had 10 siblings: Marta Olson Innlygre (born Andersdatter Smørdal), Nils Andersson Smørdal and 8 other siblings.
Lars married Kari Andersson Kvalvåg (born Andersdatter Tveito) in 1741, at age 32.
Kari was born in 1720.
They had 8 children: Jakob Larsson Kvalvåg, Marta Tomasson Kvalvåg (born Larsdatter Kvalvåg) and 6 other children.
Lars married Marite Andersson Kvalvåg (born Nielsdatter Kvalvåg).
Marite was born in 1675.
Lars passed away in 1774, at age 65 at death place.

Lars Andersson Kvalvåg, 1754 - 1830 Lars Andersson Kvalvåg 17541830

Lars Andersson Kvalvåg was born in 1754, at birth place, to Anders Knutson Kvalvåg and Siri Ivarsdtr Marås.
Anders was born in 1722, in Hauge i Lindås.
Siri was born in 1724, in Marås i Lindås.
Lars married Maritte Gullaksdotter Feste on month day 1781, at age 27.
Maritte was born in 1759, in Søre Feste i Lindås.
They had one daughter: Siri Larsdtr Kvalvåg.
Lars married Ingeborg Mikkelsdotter Isdal in 1784, at age 30.
Ingeborg was born in 1753, in Isdal i Lindås.
Lars passed away in 1830, at age 76.
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