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Joseph Arnac

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Joseph ARNAC, 1731 - 1790 Joseph ARNAC 17311790

Joseph ARNAC was born on month day 1731, at birth place, to Jacques ARNAC and Marie ARNAC (born DUMAS).
Jacques was born in 1693, in Peyremale (Clamoux), 30, Gard, FRANCE, Languedoc.
Marie was born in 1702, in Peyremale (Les Claux), 30, Gard, FRANCE, Languedoc.
Joseph married Jeanne ARNAC (born LAUZE) on month day 1764, at age 32 at marriage place.
Jeanne was born in 1740, in Génolhac, 30, Gard, FRANCE, Languedoc.
They had 2 daughters: Françoise VIGNES (born ARNAC) and one other child.
His occupation was occupation.
Joseph passed away on month day 1790, at age 58 at death place.

Joseph André ARNAC, 1798 - 1866 Joseph André ARNAC 17981866

Joseph André ARNAC was born in 1798, at birth place, to Jean dit Compère ARNAC and Marie ARNAC (born DUGAS).
Jean was born on January 21 1757, in ROBIAC ROCHESSADOULE(30).
Marie was born in 1766, in ROBIAC ROCHESSADOULE(30).
Joseph married Ursule ARNAC (born ROBERT).
Ursule was born in 1814.
Her occupation was Ménagère.
They had one daughter: Euphrosine BONNET (born ARNAC).
His occupation was occupation.
Joseph passed away in 1866, at age 68 at death place.

Joseph dit Compère ARNAC, 1717 - 1788 Joseph dit Compère ARNAC 17171788

Joseph dit Compère ARNAC was born in 1717.
Joseph married Jeanne ARNAC (born TRIBE).
Jeanne was born in 1730.
They had one son: Jean dit Compère ARNAC.
Joseph passed away in 1788, at age 71 at death place.

Joseph ARNAC, born Circa 1728 Joseph ARNAC 1728

Joseph ARNAC was born circa 1728, at birth place.
Joseph married Marguerite ARNAC (born FAVAND) on month day 1761, at age 33 at marriage place.
Marguerite was born on June 23 1729, in Robiac, 30216, Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, Bessèges.
They had 2 daughters: Jeanne ARNAC and one other child.

Joseph ARNAC, born 1624 Joseph ARNAC 1624

Joseph ARNAC was born in between 1624 and 1744.
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Joseph Arnac 1773 1852

Joseph Arnac, 1773 - 1852

Joseph Arnac was born on month day 1773, at birth place.
Joseph married Marianne ( Marie?) Arnac circa 1799, at age 25.
They had 9 children: Victoire Arnac, Andre Arnac and 7 other children.
Joseph passed away on month day 1852, at age 79 at death place.
JOSEPH dit BICOQUE Arnac 1796

JOSEPH dit BICOQUE Arnac, born 1796

JOSEPH dit BICOQUE Arnac was born on month day 1796, at birth place, to JACQUES dit TOURIERE Arnac and Marie Arnac.
JOSEPH had 3 brothers: Jean Baptiste Arnac and 2 other siblings.
JOSEPH married Marie Justine Arnac on month day 1829, at age 32 at marriage place.
They had 2 children: Hiacynthe Arnac and one other child.
Joseph Arnac 1854

Joseph Arnac, born 1854

Joseph Arnac was born on month day 1854, at birth place, to Jean Pierre Arnac and Marie Jeanne Arnac.
Joseph had 3 siblings: Marie Philomene Roussel and 2 other siblings.
Joseph married Marie Zenobie Arnac on month day 1884, at age 29 at marriage place.
Joseph Alphonse Arnac 1888

Joseph Alphonse Arnac, born 1888

Joseph Alphonse Arnac was born on month day 1888, at birth place, to Cyprien Severin Arnac and Maria Junie Arnac.
Joseph had 7 siblings: Jules Abel Arnac, Albert Severin Arnac and 5 other siblings.
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