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Johannes Waterkotte

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Johannes Bernhard Waterkotte, born 1853 Johannes Bernhard Waterkotte 1853

Johannes Bernhard Waterkotte was born on month day 1853, to Johann-Heinrich Waterkotte and Theodora Waterkotte (born Lücke ?).
Johann-Heinrich was born on January 26 1801, in Wulfen.
Theodora was born in 1832, in Bösensell.
Johannes had 9 siblings: John Henry Waterkotte, John Henry Waterkotte and 7 other siblings.
Johannes married Elisabeth Waterkotte (born Horse).
Elisabeth was born on August 20 1857, in Dorsten Wulfen.
They had 4 sons: Theodor Waterkotte and 3 other children.
Johannes passed away.

Johannes Bernd Waterkotte Johannes Bernd Waterkotte

Johannes Bernd Waterkotte was born on date.
Johannes married Anna Mechthild Waterkotte (born Schonnebeck).
They had one daughter: Anna Elisabeth Schleking (born Waterkotte).
Johannes passed away.

Johannes Waterkotte Johannes Waterkotte

Johannes Waterkotte was born to Johannes Bernhard Waterkotte and Elisabeth Waterkotte (born Horse).
Johannes was born on March 21 1853.
Johannes had 3 brothers: Theodor Waterkotte and 2 other siblings.
Johannes passed away on date.
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