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Johanna Ali-Huikko

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Johanna Johansdotter Yli-Huokuna > Ali-Huikko, 1822 - 1856 Johanna Johansdotter Yli-Huokuna > Ali-Huikko 18221856

Johanna Johansdotter Yli-Huokuna > Ali-Huikko was born on month day 1822, at birth place, to Johan Andersson Ali-Huikko and Marja Olofsdotter Ali-Huikko (born Arckila / Aarikkala).
Johan was born on November 14 1785, in Tammela, Ojais, Ali-Huiko.
Marja was born on February 16 1793, in Jokioinen, Jänhij. Arckila.
Johanna had 5 siblings: Anna Caisa Johansdotter Yli-Huokuna (born Ali-Huikko), Eva Christina Johansdotter Lassila (born Ali-Huikko) and 3 other siblings.
Johanna married Josef Adamsson Yli-Huokuna > Ali-Huikko.
Josef was born on December 20 1818, in Tammela, Kaukola, Huokuna.
They had 6 children: Joose Joosenpoika / Josef Josefsson Ali-Huikko, Amanda Maria Josefsdotter Houkka (born Ali-Huikko) and 4 other children.
Johanna passed away in month 1856, at age 33 at death place.

Johanna Juhontytär Ali-Huikko, 1822 - 1856 Johanna Juhontytär Ali-Huikko 18221856

Johanna Juhontytär Ali-Huikko was born in 1822, at birth place, to Juho Antinpoika Yli-Huikko and Maria Olavintytär Yli-Huikko.
Juho was born on November 14 1785, in Tammela Ojanen.
Maria was born in 1793.
Johanna had one sister: Anna Kaisa Juhontytär Huokuna (born Yli-Huikko).
Johanna married Jooseppi Aataminpoika Huokuna.
Jooseppi was born in 1818, in Tammela.
They had one son: Jooseppi Joosepinpoika Ali-Huikko.
Johanna passed away in 1856, at age 34 at death place.
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