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Gustav Bal

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Gustav Bal, 1972 - 1972 Gustav Bal 19721972

Gustav Bal was born on month day 1972, at birth place, to Japp Bal and Karen Bal (born Haraldseid).
Japp was born on September 8 1940, in Holland.
Karen was born on May 2 1944, in Haugesund.
Gustav was baptized on month day 1972, at baptism place.
He had 2 siblings: Johnny Bal and one other sibling.
Gustav passed away on month day 1972, at death place.
He was buried on month day 1972, at burial place.

Gustav Bal Gustav Bal

Gustav Bal married Catharina Bal (born Lever).
Catharina was born on July 5 1897.
Gustav passed away.

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