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Gustaaf Bal

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Gustaaf Theophiel Bal, 1901 - 1979 Gustaaf Theophiel Bal 19011979

Gustaaf Theophiel Bal was born on month day 1901, at birth place, to Ludovicus Josephus Bal and Marie Leonie Bal (born Vergauwen).
Ludovicus was born on November 14 1857, in Melsele (B).
Marie was born on May 8 1864, in Melsele (B).
Gustaaf had 7 siblings: Maria Josephina Bal, Emilius Theophilus Bal and 5 other siblings.
Gustaaf passed away on month day 1979, at age 77 at death place.

Gustavus "Gustaaf" Bal, 1875 - 1914 Gustavus Bal 18751914

Gustavus Bal was born on month day 1875, at birth place, to Joannes Baptista Bal and Petronilla Constancia Bal (born Rombaut).
Joannes was born on September 30 1838, in Herdersem, België.
Petronilla was born on December 4 1836, in Herdersem, België.
Gustavus had 4 siblings: Carolus Ludovicus Bal and 3 other siblings.
Gustavus married Katrien Clementia Bal (born Boel).
Katrien was born circa 1875.
Gustavus passed away on month day 1914, at age 39 at death place.

Gustaaf Bal, died 1985 Gustaaf Bal 1985

Gustaaf Bal married Joanna Paulina Irma Bal (born Corremans).
Joanna was born on December 22 1895, in Boom, 2850, Antwerpen, Belgium.
They had 5 sons: Eugeen Frans Bal, Frans Delfina Bal and 3 other children.
Gustaaf passed away in Before 1985.

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