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Greeley Aikens

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Greeley Aikens, born 1896 Greeley Aikens 1896 Georgia

Greeley Aikens was born in month 1896, at birth place, Georgia, to Elias Washington Aikens and Rachael Aikens (born Cowart).
Elias was born on January 23 1858, in GA.
Rachael was born on October 15 1852, in Dawson County, GA.
Greeley had 4 sisters: Savanah Drucilla Stone (born Aikens) and 3 other siblings.
Greeley married first name Aikens.
Greeley passed away.
Documents of Greeley Aikens
Greely Akens 1897 Georgia Greely Akens in 1910 United States Federal Census
Greely Akens was born circa 1897, at birth place, Georgia, to Elias W Akens and Rachel Akens.
Greely had 2 siblings: Rosie Akens and one other sibling.
Greely lived in 1910, at address, Georgia.
Greely Akins 1896 Georgia Greely Akins in 1900 United States Federal Census
Greely Akins was born in month 1896, at birth place, Georgia, to Elias Akins and Rachel Akins.
Greely had 5 siblings: Savanah Akins, Rosy Akins and 3 other siblings.
Greely lived in 1900, at address, Georgia.
Greeley Aikens 1892 Tennessee

Greeley Aikens, born 1892

Greeley Aikens was born on month day 1892, at birth place, Tennessee.
Greeley lived in month 1918, at address, Tennessee.

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