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1940 United States Federal Census

Floy Archer Noore 1926 Texas Floy Archer Noore, born Circa 1926
Floy Archer Noore was born circa 1926, at birth place, Texas, to James Robert Noore and Floy Noore.
Floy had 2 siblings: Eugene Noore and one other sibling.
Floy lived in 1935, at address, Texas.
She lived in 1940, at address, Texas.
Floy Noore 1891 Texas Floy Noore, born Circa 1891
Floy Noore was born circa 1891, at birth place, Texas.
Floy married James Robert Noore.
They had 3 children: Eugene Noore and 2 other children.
Floy lived in 1935, at address, Texas.
She lived in 1940, at address, Texas.

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