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Erik Andersen Oterkil

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Erik Andersen Oterkil, 1844 - 1926 Erik Andersen Oterkil 18441926

Erik Andersen Oterkil was born on month day 1844, at birth place, to Anders Aasoldsen Oterkil and Birte Aasoldsen Oterkil (born Welleksdatter (Wetle)?).
Anders was born on January 1 1797, in Solum, Norge.
Birte was born in 1794, in ?.
Erik had 7 siblings: Aasold Andersen Oterkil, Hans Andersen Oterkil and 5 other siblings.
Erik married Karen Andersen (born Kristiansdatter) on month day 1864, at age 19 at marriage place.
Karen was born on October 22 1839, in Nordre Delvika, Stangnes, Eidskog.
They had one child: August Eriksen.
Erik passed away on month day 1926, at age 82 at death place.
Documents of Erik Andersen Oterkil
Erik Andersson 1844Erik Andersson in Sweden Household Examination Books, 1860-1930
Erik Andersson was born on month day 1844, at birth place.
Erik married Brita Kristina Olsdotter on month day 1872, at age 27.
They had 6 children: Erik Justus, Anna Maria and 4 other children.
Erik lived in between 1881 and 1886, at address.
Eric Andersson 1844Eric Andersson in Sweden, Baptisms, 1611-1920
Eric Andersson was born on month day 1844, to Anders Ersson and Stina Ersdr.
Eric was baptized on month day 1844, at baptism place.
Eric lived in 1844, at address.
Gunnild Marie Hansdatter Saga 1851Erik Andersen Oterkil in Norway, Marriages, 1660-1926
Gunnild Marie Hansdatter Saga was born on month day 1851, to Hans Halvorsen.
Gunnild married Erik Andersen Oterkil on month day 1872, at age 20 at marriage place.
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