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Elisabethae Garrecht

Historical records and family trees related to Elisabethae Garrecht.
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Catharina Zirker 1836

Catharina Zirker (born Garrecht), born 1836

Catharina Zirker was born on month day 1836, to Garrecht and Barbarae Garrecht.
Catharina was baptized on month day 1836, at baptism place.
Catharina married Wilhelm Zirker on month day 1864, at age 27 at marriage place.
They had 3 children: Elisabetha Kramb and 2 other children.
Elisabeta Garrecht

Elisabeta Garrecht

Elisabeta Garrecht married Joannes Bernardus Gros.
They had 8 children: Maria Barbara Gros, Catharina Gros and 6 other children.
Elisabeta married Bernard Gross.
Elisabethae Garrecht

Elisabethae Garrecht (born Pfalzer)

Elisabethae Garrecht married Philippi Garrecht on month day 1866, at marriage place.
They had 5 children: Anna Maria Garrecht, Philippus Daniel Garrecht and 3 other children.
Elisabethae Heil

Elisabethae Heil (born Garrecht)

Elisabethae Heil married Francisci Heil.
They had 4 daughters: Elisabetha and 3 other children.
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Johannes Georgius Busch 1839

Elisabethae Garrecht, born 1839

Johannes Georgius Busch was born on month day 1839, at birth place, to Laurentii Busch and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Johannes was baptized at baptism place.
Johannes lived in 1839, at address.
Apollonia Busch

Elisabethae Garrecht

Apollonia Busch was born to Laurentii Busch and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Apollonia was baptized on month day 1853, at baptism place.
Elisabetha Muehlheusser 1889

Elisabethae Garrecht, born 1889

Elisabetha Muehlheusser was born on month day 1889, at birth place, to Michaelis Muehlheusser and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Elisabetha was baptized on month day 1889, at baptism place.
Elisabetha lived in 1889, at address.
Jacobus Busch 1843

Elisabethae Garrecht, born 1843

Jacobus Busch was born on month day 1843, at birth place, to Laurentii Busch and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Jacobus was baptized on month day 1843, at baptism place.
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Elisabetham Brucker

Elisabethae Garrecht

Elisabetham Brucker was born to Christophori Brucker and Mariae Catharinae Messemer.
Elisabetham married Danielem Gibt on month day 1792, at marriage place.
Apolloniam Wagner

Elisabethae Garrecht

Apolloniam Wagner was born to Theobaldi Wagner and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Apolloniam married Franciscum Jacobum Leibrecht on month day 1846, at marriage place.
Catharinam Benz

Elisabethae Garrecht

Catharinam Benz was born to Herrmanni Benz and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Catharinam married Vallentinum Kroeper on month day 1845, at marriage place.
Elisabetha Heil

Elisabethae Garrecht

Elisabetha Heil was born to Franzisci Heil and Elisabethae Garrecht.
Elisabetha married Laurentium Busch on month day 1883, at marriage place.
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