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Dorte Asper

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Dorte Rebakka Asper (born Averstad), 1843 - 1868 Dorte Rebakka Asper (born Averstad) 18431868

Dorte Rebakka Asper (born Averstad) was born in 1843, at birth place, to Hans Svendsen Averstad and Marie Jensdatter Averstad (born Laache).
Hans was born in 1816.
Marie was born in 1816.
Dorte had 8 siblings: Hans Sigvart Hansen, Karen Mattea Hansdatter and 6 other siblings.
Dorte married Hans Kristian Larsen on month day 1867, at age 24 at marriage place.
Hans was born on July 18 1836.
His occupation was Bonde.
They had one son: Andor Marius Larsen.
Dorte passed away of cause of death on month day 1868, at age 25 at death place.

Dorte Maria Knutsdtr Asper, 1813 - 1836 Dorte Maria Knutsdtr Asper 18131836

Dorte Maria Knutsdtr Asper was born in 1813, at birth place, to Knut Olsen and Kari Hansdtr Olsen (born Lystad).
Knut was born in 1780, in Skedsmo, Akershus.
Kari was born in 1782, in Lystad, Kløfta, Ullensaker, Akershus.
Dorte had 3 brothers: Mathis Knudsen Asper and 2 other siblings.
Dorte passed away on month day 1836, at age 23 at death place.
She was buried on month day 1836, at burial place.
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