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Carolina Andersson Lang

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Carolina* Åberg (born Andersson Lang), 1845 - 1899 Carolina* Åberg (born Andersson Lang) 18451899

Carolina* Åberg (born Andersson Lang) was born on month day 1845, at birth place, to Anders Wilhelm Lang and Anna Erica Lang (born Samuelsdotter).
Anders was born on May 3 1817, in Djursdala Kalmar län.
Anna was born on October 14 1816, in Vimmerby, Kalmar län.
Carolina* had 14 siblings: Anna Carin Andersdotter, Flicka Andersdotter and 12 other siblings.
Carolina* married Olaus Åberg on month day 1872, at age 27.
Olaus was born on September 29 1844, in Pelarne Kalmar län.
His occupation was Rättaren.
They had 2 daughters: Alma Josefina Olausdotter and one other child.
Carolina* passed away on month day 1899, at age 54 at death place.

Carolina Matilda Andersson Lang (born Rosell), 1866 - 1940 Carolina Matilda Andersson Lang (born Rosell) 18661940

Carolina Matilda Andersson Lang (born Rosell) was born on month day 1866.
Carolina married Karl Johan Andersson Lang.
Karl was born on March 12 1871, in Vimmerby H.
They had one son: Axel Gottfrid Lang.
Carolina passed away on month day 1940, at age 74 at death place.
Documents of Carolina Matilda Andersson Lang (born Rosell)
Karolina Matilda Rosell 1866Karolina Matilda Rosell in Sweden Household Examination Books, 1860-1930
Karolina Matilda Rosell was born on month day 1866, at birth place.
Karolina married Karl Johan Andersson on month day 1892, at age 26.
They had 6 children: Edit Josefina, Nanny Matilda Viktoria and 4 other children.
Karolina lived in between 1896 and 1901, at address.
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