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Bartolomeu Barretto

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Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto, 1811 - 1881 Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto 18111881

Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto was born in 1811, at birth place, to Bartolomeu Barretto (Rodriguez) and Angelica Rosa Gonzalvez (Rodriguez) (born Pereira).
Bartolomeu was born on July 21 1784, in Bombay India.
Bartolomeu married Dolores Barretto (born Ycaza) in 1843, at age 32 at marriage place.
They had one son: Enrique Maria Barretto (Ycaza).
Bartolomeu passed away on month day 1881, at age 70 at death place.
Documents of Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto
Bartolome Antonio Barretto 1811Bartolome Antonio Barretto in Philippines Deaths and Burials, 1726-1957
Bartolome Antonio Barretto was born in 1811.
Bartolome married Dolores De Ycara.
Bartolome was buried on month day 1881, at burial place.

Bartolomeu Perestrello Barretto, Circa 1400 - Circa 1458 Bartolomeu Perestrello Barretto 14001458

Bartolomeu Perestrello Barretto was born circa 1400, to Philip Perestrelo and Perestrelo (born Catherine).
Philip was born circa 1370.
Bartolomeu married Ysabel Barretto (born Moniz) circa 1450, at age 50.
They had one daughter: Felipa Moniz Colon (born Perestelo).
Bartolomeu passed away circa 1458, at age 58.
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