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Barretto Barretto

Historical records and family trees related to Barretto Barretto.
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Lorenzo Antonio Barretto 1850

Lorenzo Antonio Barretto Barretto, born 1850

Lorenzo Antonio, Barretto Barretto was born on month day 1850, at birth place, to Luis, Nogaret Barretto and Juana Rosa Catherina, Gonsalvez Barretto.
Lorenzo had 2 siblings: Luis Barretto Barretto and one other sibling.
Lorenzo married Luisa Garcia-Velarde on month day 1875, at age 24 at marriage place.
They had 8 children: Eduardo Antonio Barretto, Lorenzo Garcia-Velarde Barretto and 6 other children.
Lorenzo married Luisa Velarde Garcia on month day 1875, at age 24 at marriage place.
Gertrude Peregrino 1921 2005

Gertrude Barretto Peregrino (born Barretto), 1921 - 2005

Gertrude, Barretto Peregrino was born on month day 1921, at birth place, to Eulogio Dantes Peregrino and Rosenda Barretto Peregrino.
Gertrude had 2 siblings: Alderita Barretto Peregrino and one other sibling.
Gertrude married Augusto Uyenco.
Gertrude passed away on month day 2005, at age 83 at death place.
She was buried in month 2005, at burial place.
Lourdes Ong

Lourdes Barretto Ong (born Barretto)

Lourdes, Barretto Ong was born to Jaime, Donor Barretto.
Lourdes had 7 siblings: Benjamin Nicodemus Carpio Barretto and 6 other siblings.
Lourdes married Tony K., K Ong.
They had 3 daughters: Patricia Barretto Ong and 2 other children.
Geraldine Patricia Reyes

Geraldine Patricia Barretto Reyes (born Barretto)

Geraldine Patricia, Barretto Reyes had 6 siblings: Gretchen Castelo Barretto, Marjorie Bernandine Castelo Barretto and 4 other siblings.
Geraldine married first name Reyes.
They had one child.
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Dolores Barretto Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Dolores Barretto (born Losada)

Dolores Barretto was born at birth place, Puerto Rico.
Dolores married Manuel Barretto.
They had one son: Saturno Barretto.
Dolores passed away at death place, Puerto Rico.

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