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Barbara Amschlinger

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Barbara Amschlinger (born WERSCHING), 1902 - 1961 Barbara Amschlinger (born WERSCHING) 19021961

Barbara Amschlinger (born WERSCHING) was born on month day 1902, at birth place, to Josef WERSCHING.
Josef was born on July 25 1868, in Nákófalva, Nakodorf, Nakovo, Szerbia.
Barbara married Franz Johann AMSCHLINGER on month day 1924, at age 21 at marriage place.
Franz was born on November 3 1899, in Kunszöllös, Lunga, Románia.
They had one daughter: Magdalena AMSCHLINGER.
Barbara passed away on month day 1961, at age 59 at death place.

Barbara Amschlinger (born SIEBER), 1777 - 1824 Barbara Amschlinger (born SIEBER) 17771824

Barbara Amschlinger (born SIEBER) was born on month day 1777, at birth place, to Kaspar SIEBER and Ottilie Sieber (born N).
Barbara married Johann Heinrich AMSCHLINGER on month day 1793, at age 15 at marriage place.
Johann was born on April 23 1771, in Garabos, Grabatz, Románia.
Barbara passed away on month day 1824, at age 46 at death place.

Barbara AMSCHLINGER, 1809 - 1810 Barbara AMSCHLINGER 18091810

Barbara AMSCHLINGER was born on month day 1809, at birth place, to Jakob AMSCHLINGER and Margaritha Amschlinger (born MÜLLER).
Jakob was born on June 24 1780, in Kisősz, Gottlob, Románia.
Margaritha was born on February 9 1786, in Nagytószeg, Heufeld, Szerbia.
Barbara had 7 siblings: Johann AMSCHLINGER, Jakob AMSCHLINGER and 5 other siblings.
Barbara passed away on month day 1810, at age one at death place.

Barbara AMSCHLINGER, 1891 - 1892 Barbara AMSCHLINGER 18911892

Barbara AMSCHLINGER was born on month day 1891, at birth place, to Peter AMSCHLINGER and Anna Amschlinger (born MAY).
Peter was born on October 9 1866, in Nákófalva, Nakodorf, Nakovo, Szerbia.
Anna was born in 1867.
Barbara had 2 siblings: Maria Blandina AMSCHLINGER and one other sibling.
Barbara passed away on month day 1892, at death place.

Barbara Amschlinger, born 1816 Barbara Amschlinger 1816

Barbara Amschlinger was born on month day 1816, at birth place, to Johann Adam Amschlinger and Margarethe Amschlinger (born Bayer).
Johann was born on March 12 1785, in Gottlob, Hungary.
Margarethe was born circa 1785.
Barbara had 4 siblings: Nikolaus Amschlinger and 3 other siblings.
Barbara passed away.

Barbara Marschall, Amschlinger, born Circa 1762 Barbara Marschall, Amschlinger 1762

Barbara Marschall, Amschlinger was born circa 1762.
Barbara married Peter Amschlinger on month day 1802, at age 40 at marriage place.
Peter was born on April 14 1778, in Gottlob, Hungary.
They had one daughter: Anna Amschlinger.
Barbara married Karl Marschall circa 1780, at age 18.
Karl was born circa 1761.
Barbara passed away.
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