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Apollo Alfthan

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Apollo Alfthan, 1816 - 1886 Apollo Alfthan 18161886

Apollo Alfthan was born on month day 1816, at birth place, to Karl Vilhelm von Alfthan.
Karl was born in 1789, in Viipuri.
Apollo had one brother: Alexis Alfthan.
Apollo married Julia Alfthan.
Julia was born on July 2 1825, in Viborg.
They had 10 children: Oscar Alftan, Adèle Alfthan and 8 other children.
His occupation was occupation.
Apollo passed away on month day 1886, at age 69 at death place.
Documents of Apollo Alfthan
Fanny Elvira Alfthan 1850Apollon Alfthan in Finland, Baptisms, 1657-1890
Fanny Elvira Alfthan was born on month day 1850, to Apollon Alfthan and Julia Alfthan.
Fanny was baptized on month day 1850, at baptism place.
Apollo Alfthan 1820

Apollo Alfthan, born Circa 1820

Apollo Alfthan was born circa 1820, at birth place, to Alfthan and Alfthan.
Johanna Katrina Alfthan 1855

Apollo Alfthan, born 1855

Johanna Katrina Alfthan was born on month day 1855, to Apollo Alfthan and Julia Alfthan.
Johanna was baptized on month day 1855, at baptism place.

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