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Annae Beard

Historical records and family trees related to Annae Beard.
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Ann Beard 1671

Ann Beard, born Circa 1671

Ann Beard was born circa 1671, at birth place.
Ann married Richard Beard on month day 1692, at age 21 at marriage place.
They had 7 children: Gulielmus Beard, Mary Beard and 5 other children.
Annae Beard

Annae Beard

Annae Beard married Georgii Beard.
They had one daughter: Marie Beard.
Annae Beard

Annae Beard

Annae Beard married Josephi Beard.
They had one daughter: Joanae Beard.
Annae O'Connor

Annae O'Connor (born Beard)

Annae O'Connor married Josephi O'Connor.
They had one son: Josephus O'Connor.
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Johannes Bradshaw

Annae Beard

Johannes Bradshaw married Annae Beard on month day 1712, at marriage place.
Catherina Beard

Annae Beard

Catherina Beard was born to Thomae Beard and Annae Beard.
Catherina was baptized on month day 1675, at baptism place.
Joannes Thornton 1838

Annae Beard, born 1838

Joannes Thornton was born on month day 1838, to Joannis Thornton and Annae Beard.
Joannes was baptized on month day 1865, at baptism place.
Joannes lived in 1838, at address.

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