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Andrè Ballévre

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Andrè Ballévre, 1666 - 1736 Andrè Ballévre 16661736

Andrè Ballévre was born on month day 1666, at birth place, to Jean Jacques Jacques Ballevre and Marguerite Jacques Ballevre (born KIEFFER).
Jean was born between 1633 and 1635.
Marguerite was born circa 1622, in Holbach, 57 Moselle.
Andrè had 4 siblings: Nicolas Nicolas BALLEVRE 746+766 and 3 other siblings.
Andrè married Jeanne Ballévre (born Simeon) on month day 1705, at age 38.
Jeanne was born in Aubange, 57, Moselle.
Andrè married Elisabeth Ballévre (born Hafner) in 1695, at age 28 at marriage place.
Elisabeth was born in 1670, in Macheren, 57, Moselle.
They had 3 children: Pierre Ballévre and 2 other children.
Andrè passed away on month day 1736, at age 70 at death place.

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