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Amand-Joseph Bazin

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Amand-Joseph BAZIN, 1733 - 1816 Amand-Joseph BAZIN 17331816

Amand-Joseph BAZIN was born on month day 1733, at birth place, to Edmond BAZIN and Marie-Jeanne BAZIN (born AUTEM).
Edmond was born in 1707, in Rameignies.
Marie-Jeanne was born in 1696, in Warchin.
Amand-Joseph had 2 brothers: Louis-Charles BAZIN and one other sibling.
Amand-Joseph married Cécile-Jeanne BAZIN (born MUSEUR) on month day 1770, at age 37 at marriage place.
Cécile-Jeanne was born on November 21 1744, in Thumaide.
They had 10 children: Marie-Thérèse HUICQ (born BAZIN), Marie-Joseph BAZIN and 8 other children.
His occupation was occupation.
Amand-Joseph passed away on month day 1816, at age 83 at death place.

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