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Abubakr Abdullah

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Abubakr Sedick Abdullah, 1969 - 2002 Abubakr Sedick Abdullah 19692002

Abubakr Sedick Abdullah was born in 1969, to Yagiya Abdullah.
Yagiya was born in 1940, in South Africa.
Abubakr had 4 siblings.
Abubakr passed away in 2002, at age 33.

AbuBakr Abdullah AbuBakr Abdullah

AbuBakr Abdullah was born to AbdulFattah Abdullah and Fatima Abdullah.
AbuBakr had 18 siblings: Muhammad Abdullah, Sabira Abdullah and 16 other siblings.
AbuBakr passed away.
Abubaker Bakr Abdullah 1944

Abubaker Bakr Abdullah, born 1944

Abubaker Bakr Abdullah was born on month day 1944.
Abubaker lived on month day 1977, at address.
He lived on month day 1978, at address.
Abubakr B Abdullah

Abubakr B Abdullah

Abubakr B Abdullah lived on month day 1991, at address.
Abubakr Bakr Abdullah

Abubakr Bakr Abdullah

Abubakr Bakr Abdullah lived on month day 1988, at address.
Abubakr Abdullah

Abubakr Abdullah

Abubakr Abdullah was born to Yagyah Yatta Abdullah and Soraya Abdullah.
Abubakr had 3 siblings.
Abubakr Abdullah

Abubakr Abdullah

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