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Marlene Hurney I am a beautiful Norwegian woman like all of you are. I haven't seen one yet that was not! We have a pleasnt look about us. When I was at a Norwegian Genealogy meeting a few months ago I looked around the room and noticed this. Did you know there are only two nationalties who have such a good humor that they laugh at themselves? They are Polish people and of course the Norwegains! Have a good day. Marlene
4 years ago
Inger Marie Salvik hahaha.... BRA!! Jeg skriver på norsk ettersom du sier du er fra Norge... Ella er min svigerinne; altså gift med min Roald Martins bror, Erling.... Hvordan er du i slekt med henne da? Jeg er helt ny-innflyttet til denne web-siden så jeg er ikke så god på å finne fram enda.... Håper det bedrer seg... Men moro er det :):) ha d fint....!! IngerMarie
4 years ago
Inger Marie Salvik Skal finne bilder å legge ut her av Ella og Erling....( De er altså vakre mennesker de også.....:):):)
4 years ago
Marlene Hurney I am sorry but I do not read or write Norwegian. My father did not teach me. Do you know English? Marlene
4 years ago
Robert Eliassen Of course we know English, Marlene. Inger Marie says “Ella, my sister-in-law, is married to Roald Martins brother, Erling. How are you related to her?”.

Ok, I happen to know Inger Marie, by chance or probably because we are family (?) And she has haunted me on the net for several years now. Nah, just kidding, but we have accidentally bumped into each other at more or less unlikely web-sites.

Noticed you request by the way. It’s approved. Now I have to figure out how we are in family. :-)
4 years ago
Marlene Hurney Well we are related through Abel Alsnes, Rippen, Sandberg and Siri Olsdatter from the 1700's in Nord-Trondlag. Do you know Sigurd Sigriudson Eliassen? He is a professor who lives on an island on the West side of Norway. He has a whole volume of this family! It is amazing how many people are decendants of them. Where do you live in Norway? My son was born in 1964. It is good to see someone from the "younger" generation interested in our family hilstory. I love being part Norwegian. They are such nice people. We have a great deal of Norwegian living in this are. My father was 100% Nprwegian and my mother was 1/2 Danish and 1/2 German. Here in the US people normally married the same religion not the same nationality. Sigrud Eliassen's email address is: I hope I have it right. If I do not send me a message.
4 years ago
Robert Eliassen The west coast of Norway is scattered with islands, Marlene. :-) But I think Sigurd lives on an island called “Hareidlandet”. The main population centers on the island are Hareid, Brandal and Hjørungavåg. There is one Sigurd Eliassen in Brandal according to the Norwegian phonebook.

I live in Verdal, That’s in the middle part of Norway; some 65 km (40 miles) north-west of Trondheim, as the crow flies (does a crow really fly in a straight line?). :-)

Thanks for the info!
4 years ago
Inger Johanne Johansen Hei Marlene. Jeg ser du ønsker mitt vennskap. Kan det tenkes at vi er i slekt? Om så er...hvor?
Inger Johanne
4 years ago
Marlene Hurney I am sorry but I do not read or speak Norwegian, Do you know English?
4 years ago
Elisabeth Olsen I am not sure how you are related to the persons in my family known as Wille. Can you tell me? They do not know you.
3 years ago
Sven Ove Långström Hallo Marlene! How are we related?I have not found any relations at all,nor in my tree or in my husbands.
3 years ago
Lilli Lehmann Hej Marlene. Jeg skriver på dansk! Mine oldeforældre var født i hhv Trondheim og Inderøy i Norge. Min farfar tog til Danmark og giftede sig med min danske farmor. Jeg har desværre aldrig kendt nogen af dem, da de alle døde da deres børn var små. Vh Lilli f. Wist
3 years ago
Albert (Andy) Wm Anderson It appears that we are also related by your above comments one year ago. Able Aines Henrikson Sandberg Reppen and Siid (Sirri) (born Oldsdatter) are married into my Aunt Ane Pauline Aakvik (born Albertsdatter) tree. Aunt Ane and my father, Fritjof Sigurd (born Albertsen Fjukstad) are children to Albert Meier Andreassen Fjukstad and Jacobine (born Larsdatter). We were in Norway in June 2012 searching for family from the south Norway/Sweden border to Fjukstad, Vikna. Found numerous relatives and my grandfather's homestead "Steingarden" at Fjukstad, Vikna. Beautiful country. A lot like our province, British Columbia. Our email ""
All the best from Canada, Andy
2 years ago
Ann-Mari Lie Hello Marlene!
You are a member of my web page in 2012 I think ...
Questions regarding Jon Christian Svorkmo 1824-1876, brother of my great-grandfather.
His daughter Christine Petrine Johnsdtr born 1854 married to John Andrew Holmer.
According match shows Christine Petrine death October 23 1937. I find no evidence of it, can you help with this, please?
I also found some information about a son of Christine P. - without seeing that others have this - wish to inform you about this and hope you'll agree that this is true. Oluf Kristian Johnsen Holmer baptized:
Ministerialbok for Bakklandet (Bakke) prestegjeld 1878-1892 (1601M1)
Olaf Kristian Holmer født 5.9.1878 E Dåp 22.9.1878 Bakke kirke, Trondheim
far sjøfarende John Andreas Holmer, bosted; Kirkesletten og hustru Kristine Petrine Mo
Hope you are doing well, and I'd really like to hear from you again, you might have more information to Oluf Kristian?
Sincerely, Ann-Mari
one year ago
Anne Karen Lundeberg Hi. I'm not a ble to fine out how we are relatert. Can you give me some information?
138 days ago