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Moshe ben Baruch

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:BUITENKANT -GOUDEKET-
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Barbara Adams Hi Moshe,
This is Barb Adams and I live in the U.S. Thanks to Gerdie I found my family from Holland and other places. I have been looking for family for many years. I am glad you survived the holocaust and can be here with the family today!!! There is a lot of Bernard Griese's family here in the U.S. I am his granddaughter and Gerdie's grandfather was my grandfather's brother. What is Bernard's relationship to you?
7 years ago
Unknown Dear Barbara Adams, thanks a lot for contacting me. Our family- relation is on a side-line and on a very long distance.
The great, great grandfather of Gerdie Griese, Zacharias
Buitenkant is a brother of my great grandfather, who married twice. My grandgather is a son from that second marriage. So you can guess how far away our family relation goes. But never mind, in the end,all the human being are one great family.
I live in Israel now for more then 40 year , married and father of five., grandfather of 8. My former name was Maurits Barend Buitenkant .In the Hebrew-version Moshe ben Baruch (Moshe, son of the blessed)
I am a retired Social worker-therapist and 82. My wife Aliza 85, is a painter and a former book-illustrator. Our eldest daughter and divorced,is mother of 3.One of our sons, 50 married without children, lives with his wife in Carrabella Florida (Tate's Hell)
One daughter 48 single, lives in a kibuts. One son 47 married and father of 3 ,lives with his family in the Negev-desert. Our youngest daughter 46 married, mother of 2, lives with her Family in Livingstone New Jersey. So far some family-information.I hope that this is interesting for you. If not, please delete it.!
With compliments and best wishes,
Moshe ben Baruch
7 years ago
Unknown Dear Barbara, your answer on my mail above,has disapeared but I remember some of your questions. Tate's Hell Carabella Florida is a wild nature reservation . You can find it on your p.c. by Carabella. This town is on the shore off the Gulf of Mexico. The Negev desert is in the south of Israel .The village wherin my son and his family lives are in the westside idf this desert on the border with
Egypt. He is a tomatogrower (cherrie on the vane for the export, also to America and Kanada. Possible you eat them without to know who is the grower. They are very tasty.
In between, I wish you and your entire family happy hollidays and a very good and healthy new year.
Sincerely, Moshe ben Baruch
7 years ago
Barbara Adams Dear Moshe,

I don't know what happened to my letter. Does it get very cold their? Saturday it was 60 degrees and ever after that
it has been way below 0 wind chill. It does not take long for the ground to freeze so our work for the season is over unless it warms up a bit. Now we do some snow removal
for homes and businesses.
My daughter came home for Christmas today. She is in school in Miami Florida. In March I will go down to visit her
and also visit my cousin who joined the family site not to long ago.
I was raised in California and really miss the warm weather. My grandfather Bernard did not want to move where it was cold so he just stayed in California when we
moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. He used to drive here up until
he was in his 80's and that is a long way!
Every summer my husband grows tomatoes and I freeze the ones we don't eat I think this season my husband ate
hundreds of tomatoes.
I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and great New Year also.
Best wishs to you Barb
7 years ago
Philine Allemans Philine Allemans shalom Ik ben een nazaat van Goudeket. via de lijn van mijn moeder Sara Goudeket geb. 10-2-1882 Amsterdam. Mijn naam is moshe ben Baruch ,voor hebraisering Maurits Barend Buitenkant geb in Hilversum 1926.In je gegevens komt de naam Goudeket voor Sara Goudeket gehuwd Braatbaard Ik zou graag willen weten wat de relatiie is tusssen onze families In afwachting van een antwoord, Mosh ben Baruch

10 dagen geleden

Philine Allemans

Goedendag, sorry dat ik U zo lang heb laten wachten, (ben op vakantie geweest).
De relatie is:
Mijn bet-bet overgrootmoeder (Saartje Witstein), had een zus (Theodora Witstein), zij had een zoon (Bension Braadbaard) en hij was getrouwd met Sara Goudeket.

Dus héééééle verre familie.

Groetjes Philine
2 years ago