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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Welch,Cartmell, Talbot, Martin, Laube, Green, Johnston
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Christine Alice Hills Hello Marilyn, Just to say I don't think that John Cockram is a match as mine is son of Richard Cockram & Margaret Criddle & yours son og John Cockram & Mary Oxenham. (Though we probably both have both Johns on our trees!)
I'll check more later have to go now.
5 years ago
Lynette Lockyer Thomas Lockyer in your photo is my ggg grandfather
4 years ago
Marilyn Welch Hello Christine, I hope I have all the info correct. let me know if I haven't. Thanks, Marilyn
4 years ago
peter Tasman clements HENRY JOHN MORLEY
4 years ago
Lynette Beange interesting Marilyn that my children come up in your tree. Can you work out the connection. I am a bit new to all of this.
2 years ago
Marilyn Welch Not sure, as I don't know who your children are, you haven't said their names. If you can give me their names and DOB, and if they are married who to, I should be able to find out. Marilyn.
2 years ago
Bob Thanks for letting me view your tree. John Dalby is a loner, so I can't see if there is a connection or not. I am sure the Dalby's and Kuchels are related some how to my line. Maybe one day??
262 days ago
Lynette Carlsen nee Gilbett Hi Marilyn, you seem to an old hand at this job. Agnes Giblett (Goullet ) and Ephraim Giblett were my Grandparents on my father's side. How to they fit in your tree?
99 days ago
Parky Hi Marylin, just looking at smart matches with your site and stumbled across Herbert Dyer. He is my sister in laws father and if you want info to fill in that family tree let me know. He had many children.
46 days ago