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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Phelps, Priest, Burr, Lantto
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7 years ago
Marilynn Munoz Hi Judy,
Yes, we are related! We are second cousins. Your grandmother Mary Ann Phelps was sister to my grandmother nellie Maud Phelps. You have an illustrious background and may not even know it. You were born in 1942. I was born in 1941. here is my email address. Contact me directly and we can talk more.
Your cousin,
7 years ago
Marilynn Munoz Hi Judy,
I forgot the email address it's:
Hope to hear more from you!
7 years ago
Carol Bawden Elihu and Margaret Crookshank Phelps had Rensselaer, Orin, James Francis, Sanford, Anna, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary Helen, Emily, Amelia, John Baker (my link), Eunice Ellen, and Charles. I have BMDs and JB Phelps cemetery photos. Email me, Carol
6 years ago
Carol Bawden Elihu Phelps' father, John's dad:
David Phelps b 25 Aug 1716 in Enfield, Hardford, CT, m 29 Mar 1737 in Enfield, Margaret Colton b 1714 in Longmeadow, Hampden, MA.
David died 13 jan 1803 in Enfield. Margaret died 16 Feb 1810 in Enfield.
David's father: Israel Phelps b 3 Apr 1681 in Westfield, Hampden, MA, m 7 Mar 1703 in Enfield, Rachel Jones (no info). Israel died 16 Apr 1713 in Enfield.
6 years ago
Christine Cecilia Baily Mary Rich. Father was the notorious Richard Rich born 1486,worth googleing.I have him as my 14th Gt Grandfather.And am living on land which he would have owned.
6 years ago
Hanspeter Jost Hi Marylynn
you have many Loosli in your Tree.
How we connect together?

Hanspeter Jost from Switzerland
6 years ago
Marilynn Munoz Hi Hanspeter,
We may be. My grandmother came from Eriswil. She was a Loosli. There are many Loosli, Losle and Heiniger relatives from there. Where do you live? Marilynn
6 years ago
Karen Bristol Hi Marilynn, G'day from Australia!
The smart match connected Abigail Bristol (b. April 19, 1666) from your chart/tree to mine.
I am descended from Abigail's brother Eliphalet Bristol (Oct 2, 1679 - Dec 1757) and his wife Esther (nee Peck) (Sep 12, 1679 - May 31, 1742) who you also have listed on your tree. Their son Stephen (Aug 12, 1707 - Feb 5, 1785) is also listed on your tree and married Dorothy (nee Tolles) (Jun 30, 1711 - Aug 14, 1785) . You have her listed as Dorothy Brown but this was her former husband's name.
There are 8 more generations from there I can give you, including Stephen & Dorothy's son Abner (served in The American Revolution) and married Eunice (nee Dorchester), Abner's son Benjamin who married Clarissa (Native American), to their son Stephen who married Harriet (nee Hall). Stephen and Harriet's son Charles H. Bristol was a Civil War veteran and ended up coming to Australia in 1868 and marrying a girl from Ireland (Eliza nee McCarron). We are now 4 - 6 more generations in Australia.
I'm still working on my Bristol Family Tree and recently added up to 200 more names to a line from Abigail & Eliphalet's brother Daniel and unfortunately part of the line I was working on, believing it to be descendents of Daniel's son Samuel is actually from Daniel's son Richard! I am now in the process of fixing up Samuel and Richard's lines at the moment. So far only Richard's son Nathan's line to Prof. William Henry Bristol (July 5, 1859 - Jun 18, 1930) and beyond is correct.
You can check my Tree for more if you want :)
5 years ago
Marilynn Munoz Hi Karen,
I'd love to see your tree. What name is it under? I don't use My Heritage any more because they are holding my tree hostage until I pay for a re-subscription. I hate the way they do it. I can't even see my own tree unless I go in through the back door.
5 years ago
Karen Bristol Hi Marilynn,
dang about the hostage situation `:-| Hope you get back running asap -- thats the biggest and best I've seen so far! :-]
My Tree is under 'Bristol Family Tree' .....the other one I started with the downloadable builder 'after' I'd started the online one....doh! Didn't realise they didn't combine :-\ (so, needless to say I've abandoned the 2nd one for now)
My Aunt has been doing our genealogy for nearly 30yrs, and we were given a book several years ago from The Bristol Association but most of my immediate extended family were not included in that edition, but we are in the 2nd edition :-]
Recently a distant cousin published a book tracing our Irish roots (American ancestor Charles H. Bristol married into an Irish family after he arrived here in Oz) and reading that has renewed my interest overall :-] ...and I'm yet to add all those details in -- no mean feat with mostly boys there throughout every generation....from 8 up to 11 boys per family and spanning the whole of Oz and New Zealand too `:-|
Anyway, nice to hear from you :-]
5 years ago
Shirley Jean (Robertson) Reed Hi Marilynn, I have not been on the site in a very long time. I had written to you regarding entrance to your site, which you graciously said you did not know how we might be related, but; back in your tree you have a female relative under the name great grandmother was Anna Mae nee Taylor, Robertson (1st marriage), Kingsbury (2nd marriage) born (I believe) in Massachusetts. At one time you wrote telling me that we were cousins 4 times removed....if I am recalling correctly.
Shirley Jean nee Robertson Reed.
5 years ago
Marilynn Munoz Hi Shirley,
This is very confusing. I don't see an Anna Taylor on my tree that was married to a Robertson or a Kingsbury. I even looked under Ann or Anne Taylor. What are the full names of the men she married? Do you have birthdates? So sorry for this. By the way my real email is:

Marilynn Munoz
5 years ago
Gail Louise Sharpe Hi Marilyn,
Your family came up on smart match to my family Asa HALL & Mary HALL do not know her maiden name. Please check out my Family Tree to see where we are connected. Gail Kelly (Sharpe) I wonder if you can connect the dots for me?
Thank you,
5 years ago
David A. Phelps Hello Marilynn,
David Phelps here. Lost all track of you. Had a big computer crash. Took everything. Rebuilding and will e-mail you soon, for the Phelps Information again. I see here you are at
5 years ago
David A. Phelps Marilynn,
Forgot to ask if you would do that?
5 years ago
Marilynn Munoz Sure, let me know what you need........
5 years ago
David Barter Hello Marilynn,
John Malcolm Barter was my uncle, brother to my father, Paul Harrison Barter and my Uncle Robert Barter. Dody was my aunt and Michael, Ann and Beth are my first cousins. Their sister Julia was my cousin.
David L. Barter
4 years ago
mary westray My mother was a Porter and I have not been able to find the parents of Lyman Porter b 1805> have you?
4 years ago
Marilynn Munoz My nearest Lyman was born 1880 and married Chloe Pomeroy. Is that the one?
4 years ago
Katherine Webster Hi Marilynn,
I just confrimed a match with you from the Webster/ Sanford site I started. But with the comments I have read here I don't see how our families could be related.
Please email me at
with more information.
Thanks, Kathy ( Webster) Culver
4 years ago
Dan McElroy My paternal Grandmother was Lena Pearl McElroy(Stockton). Would love to come up with more matches.

Have a Great Day!!!!
2 years ago