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Julie Tanguay

Joined:January 7 2008 (8 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Glenn, Newell, Chaput

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jeanine marie ickes hi
what family trees are you working on?
8 years ago
Julie Tanguay hi
Well, there are some individuals I'm still looking forHarriet Ickes (Glenn)The Chaput sisters and their married namesand anyone else! 
8 years ago
Greg Tanguay Julie I lost all pictures of my Dad & Mom due to a fire Girard & Eunice cant tell you the goosebumps and tears all good copied them I have a few more of my sister Christine also we both live in Poughkeepsie NY. Dad always wanted me to find my brothers & sisters he said I was lost couldnt understand the whole adoption thing in the 70's . Well I started my search in 08 and now am very close to all 4 of my brothers and 4 sisters I think he would be happy to konw Im finally at peace . Never lost the sense of humor he installed in me. Would love to talk to you I never recall meeting Uncle Phil and dont know too much abot his side of the family to me its always been a mystery.
5 years ago
Julie Tanguay Greg, I am so happy to hear from you! I would love to chat! Do you do FaceBook? I'm on it. My email is
5 years ago
Susan Cumiskey Hello Julie, first time on site. Your grandmother was my grandmother's sister( Ithink) my grandmother was Marie antoinette Chaput Parenteau . I'm interested in finding the Indian connection inour ancestry. I know we are Abanaki. Susan Gunter. happy Easter.
one year ago
Julie Tanguay I would love to know that too. I always thought it was Hurons.
If you have any photos I'd love to see them. (I've been looking for images of Onesima and Azilda) I have some on my site and you are welcome to them!
one year ago