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Thomas King What relationship would you be to George Bruce Merritt?

Thomas Bruce King / / Waterford, Michigan
5 years ago
Coral Forster I have a George B Merritt in my tree. Not sure if this is who you are referring to. If so, he would be the 2nd cousin of wife of uncle of daughter-in-law of mother-in-law of 1st er Adda Elsie Merritt who married Alfcousin of husband of grand aunt of myself.
One of his relatives, Joseph Blackburn Merritt had a daughter Adda Elsie who married Alfred Edwin Winter. His brother Henry Joshua married Lucinda Best. Their daughter Minnie Violet married Samuel George "Nelson" Crowder His brother Alfred E Crowder, married Mary J Irwin. She also married Thomas Salsbury. Their son, Albert married Charlotte Elizabeth Jinkerson - 1st cousin.
Her cousin Israel Jinkerson married by grand aunt Maude Long.
5 years ago
Thomas King I have various confirmations, pictures and documents attesting to the information below as it relates to the Merritt family branch on my own family tree.
I had noticed that much of this data conflicts with the Merritt branch on your own web site, starting with my grandfather George Bruce Merritt who I was named after.

This is just a summary list for you. I can provide more detail if you would like.

George Bruce Merritt (1889-1951) and spouse Annie Marie McClintock (1893-1950).
George Merritt's parents: William James Merritt (1856-1935) and Sussannah Catharine Hartley (1856-1925).
George Merritt's siblings: William, Joseph, Edgar, Margaret.

William James Merritt's parents: William Bowlsby Merritt (1817-) and Elizabeth Catherine Adams (1819-1887).
William Merritt's siblings: Isabella, Thomas, Emma, Caroline, Robert, Margaret, Elizabeth, Edward.

William Bowlsby Merritt's parents: David Secord Merritt (1794-1875) and Elizabeth Jane Sensabaugh / 1st (1790-1831) and Lena Dochstader / 2nd (1797-1867).
William Bowlsby Merritt's siblings: Sarah, Mary, Robert, James, Jane. Half Siblings: David, Hannah, James.

Again this is just informational only. I hope it may help.

Thom King
3 years ago
Kenn Bigelow change your private settings on pineo site hard to compare
2 years ago