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Mary Louise Snell/Bettess

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Bettess Cowie Shale Snell
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Unknown How do I change my web site to read( Bettess, Shale, Snell, Cowie & Punshon Clans)?
6 years ago
Amy L. Florio-Gholson Go To SETTINGS/'ll see the editing box come up.
5 years ago
Amy L. Florio-Gholson P.S. I emailed Joe Florio Jr regarding Joseph and Maragret(Banks) Florio. I have not heard back yet. You said they visited your father in law BETTES in 1953. I think they got married that yr.. Could you tell me more about their trip there to see him? I'm pretty sure you have the right FLORIO'S.....feel free to drop in anytime.
5 years ago
Amy L. Florio-Gholson Hi Lou, now that you're a member, you can go to the Florio Tree and look up Joseph Florio (1924-2002) and Margaret Banks Florio (1925-2004).....I haven't filled in the gaps on Margaret's family yet. There are pic in the photo gallery as well. Mabye that will help to answer your q. Let me know if I can help. Great Family site you have!!!! Talk soon. Take care.
5 years ago
Unknown Hi Amy
Yes We are related. Keep an eye on my site as I am still entering names. Margaret Banks is a cousin to the Bettess, Telfer, Brown,Shale, Punshon,and others clans.
Wecome to the family. By the way Margarets dads name was Thomas Banks (Tommy)
PS We live in Winnipeg at 27 Rockcliffe Rd. 204 254 4936
Mary Lou
5 years ago
Unknown Amy
My husband took a look at the pictures and he identified Margaret Banks as the one who was up here. He remembers taking one of the boys up stairs to wash his face after eating choc ice cream
5 years ago
Amy L. Florio-Gholson Joan Florio just sent me email after reading our posts. She said YES, Margarets father was Tom Banks. Margaret was a war bride(England). Her brother Tony lives in Canada, and her sister Mary still lives in England. AWESOME. Joan is listed as a member if you would like to leave her a message. I'll be forwarding her your posts. I'm sure she'll be curious about the family relation as well.
Take Care. I'll keep watching your tree.
5 years ago
Unknown Hi Amy
Sorry I just opened this note from you my appologies. That's wonderful. Where bouts in Canada does he live? We are a big country. Whats his full name so we can put this all together. Nice to hear from you. It has been extreamlly hot here and we are thankful we have a pool in our back yard. I haven't swam as much as this year. Take care, talk again soon.
5 years ago