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John Belchamber Lyn

Send me your E-Mail details and I'll invite you as a member, and look forward to the additional information
6 years ago
Lynnie Hi John, my email address is
6 years ago
John Belchamber Can't seem to use your email address (I think it only recognises e-mail addressess with a dot at some point before the @) to invite you if you can invite me to your home site we should get a connection then...
6 years ago
Lorraine Nicholls Hi Lyn, welcome to my family tree. May I ask your connection to any of my trees. If i can help in any way please feelfree to do so.

Cheers Lorraine Nicholls
4 years ago
Lynnie Hi Lorraine Jennifer Louise Nichols married my cousin Daryl Craig Houghton. My Mum's cousin was Marion Jessie Wellings who married William Henry Houghton. Their son William John Houghton married Judy Paulson father of Terry John Houghton & Daryl.
I went into your family tree but it says to request membership.
Cheers for now
4 years ago
Lorraine Nicholls Hi Lyn Can you request to join my family tree again please as I feel I may not have approved you the correct way, also can I join your tree and I am not sure what I have to do as I am learning to navigate my way around My heritage
Cheers Lorraine nicholls
4 years ago
sarah wellings sarah wellings (peter welllings daughter) 03 97528335
4 years ago
Lynnie Thanks Sarah will give you a call.
4 years ago
colin fieldhouse Hi Cuzz
Ime still experimenting with this heritage site-lets face it- ime a half wit- when it comes to computers- its rockett science.!
I cant figure how to put photos against names etc: to say otherwise my nose would grow so long.!
I sent Lytton Wellings some info- never heard from him since.! Sarah & Peter i take it your family? Ah well.!
What i really need dear cuzzy is yours and Russ's best advice here--HOW DO I GET PHOTOS -in the boxes??
Colin & Family
cuzzies in Wales
4 years ago

11yr old Grand children--Joeseph is one smart cookie--bright as sun light, good artist--Colby the eldest is in proffessional football college--and Chad is sought after
for Rugby, hes 13yrs but has been asked to go to Worcester today for trials & the little girl seems to young yet
for anything-- Still the Aussies should tremble, if Chad makes it for England in 4 or so years, they tell me it would take a cheta to catch him. Of course our Adrain was the
Welsh champion kick boxer--Me ime lazy, i just encouraged Dogs and Horses to do the running--likeley they take after my father, he was a big sports chap Running--football- etc. Though i must say i won a lot of races when i was at school. But its easier watching somebody else.
Cuzzies in Wales
Colin Beryl&Family
4 years ago
Noelene Hi Lyn, and welcome to the Gallas Family tree. I'm not sure how we're connected, though. Can you enlighten me???
4 years ago
Janette Davis Thank you for adding me to your family tree - although my link is through our son's marriage, the history it has unfolded has been fascinating and I am enjoying adding the information for their first child and my first granddaughter's interest in the future.
Do you have anything on Thomas Traill's son who appears to have bought back the Orkney estate in 1928?
4 years ago
Lynnie To ALL my Heritage Family & Friends May you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone who has helped me put a great family history together and I hope I was able to help many of you out with photos and information. Cheers for Now and MERRY CHRIST FILLED CHRISTMAS to ALL.
4 years ago
EmilyValda Hello Lyn,
Your research continues to amaze me. There are just a couple of mismatches of the the brothers, John Stuart Lennie and Keith Stuart Lennie. Am still hoping to find names for about eight of the portraits in our antique album; Many Beattie siblings marriages are there, and single portraits may be from the
Beattie, Anderson, Lennie, Patullo, Kolhausen, Spriggs connections.
Shall try to publish the unknown pics as someone may have matches for them.
Thanks for all the entries. I'm still slow to keep up to date with all of my matches, but getting a little better.
Thanks so much

4 years ago
Lindy Lane Hi Lyn,
I have just joined this website today and am building my family tree. We have alot of matches!! Cheers, Lindy
4 years ago
Lynnie Hi Lindy who are our matches.
Lyn and welcome
4 years ago
Naitta Mckee Hi Lyn
sorry I have taken so long to accept you, I only use this site for extra research, my main tree is on, but I have a much larger whiteoak tree off line.
if you are on facebook I have a private group with a number of photos, request friends for naitta mckee and I will look to accept you.
4 years ago
Judith Biggin Hi Lyn and am only too happy to share the tree with you. My husband's father was John Thomas Biggin who was a son of George Thomas Biggin and Anne Wallace thus a grandson to George and Harriet. Regards Judy
3 years ago
Lynnie Hi Judith I have linked you to my tree. Not complete though. Best to email me and I will give you what I have. My cousin has heaps of information on all sides. warm regards Lyn
3 years ago
Lynnie By the way thank you for adding me to your tree.
3 years ago
Robyn Maze Hello from America!!
one year ago