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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Coathup, Hastie Hoiles, Clancy, Foley

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Irene Clancy Wish I could help you, but all our Clancys were in Wisconsin USA at that time. Infact, I am having a hard locating my branch of the Clancys. Good Luck Irene
7 years ago
Private Coathup Thanks, good luck, regards Jean
7 years ago
Phillip Graham Hi Irene/Jean,

How are you both? I was wondering if you have had any developments of researching your family history? I have not been looking into my family tree for a while as we have a youth daughter to contend with!! Isabel. My nan is Mary Clancy born in the Gorbals.

Hope to here frm you both soon
5 years ago
Irene Clancy I have not worked on my husbands side of the family for couple of years, the name ends in Wisconsin. I plan to go to Wis and see what I can find at the cemetary.
I do know that his grandfather came from Pennsylvania. But a Mary Clancy from Gorbals I do not know.
Good Luck Irene
5 years ago
Private Coathup Irene
Any ideas when Mary was born?
Our lot lived around Bridegton but they had cousins around the Gorbals and I suspect Clancys lived there

That Bridgeton area had a lot of looms - work
My mother said her mother came from Kilkenny originally

Clancys in the Gorbal area would have worked on the ships
During the second world war many Clancy cousins, Folans, Flahertys were killed during the bombing

I have researched the Scottish ones, it's easy on ScotlandsPeople but when it goes back to Ireland, it gets difficult

I can send you what certs I have if you send me your email address, mine is

I know a Tim Clancy migrated to Boston around the 1930s'

Also my mother said her mother was a Glancy not Clancy (Clancy is on all the certs)

On one of the death records, Glancy was signed. The father a Clancy the son signed as a Glancy
It that's the case it could mean that they could be McGlancy way back.
Some dropped the Mc to sound more English when they moved to the UK, regards Jean
5 years ago