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Wanda Hines Hi Ralph, my Thompson family (Engle) was
German's My father had cold black hair and I got my olive skin and black hair from his side of the family. My grandfather use to tell people when they ask him if he ws indian since we lived in Oklahoma he would tell then no, he was dutch. We all have very blue eyes. He was born in Kentucky. I live in the Dallas area also. Are you german or dutch?. Love to hear from you regarding your family.
Wanda Thompson Hines
5 years ago
Gary Good Hello Ralph,

Josiah Kemerer born Sept 10, 1823 and Leah Kemerer born August 27, 1821.

Jacob Morrison Bush born Dec 28, 1858 and Sarah Elizabeth Kemerer born Sept 20, 1865 were married on March 16, 1887. They are the parents of Park Homer Bush born August 28, 1888, Rush Boyd Bush born Jan 22, 1892, Lloyd Bush born June 8, 1901 and Ella Hazel Bush born Nov 4, 1893. Married on Oct 31, 1913. Died May 30, 1936. Ella Hazel Bush was my grandmother.

I have a photo of this group if you are interested. I could not send it with this comment.

Gary Good
4 years ago
Georgia Bailey Hi Ralph,
Thanks for confirming Hector Mclane as our ancestor. Do you have any other information about him?
please email me a t
4 years ago
Gerhard Nissen wie seid ihr mit den genannten Personen verwandt?
I hope very much you also speak german

3 years ago
Unknown Name Adolph Johann HELD
Occupation Metzger und Ochsenwirt


Type Date Place Sources
Birth 4. December 1611 Zabern im Elsaß (Saverne) search of this place
Death 3. July 1681 Sindelfingen search of this place
2 years ago
jytte Borel Hi
Is one of yours ancestor
Casper Ernst Polycarpussen Hartmann ?
or Polycarp Hartmann ?
Kindly regard
Jytte Borel
one year ago