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Norman Catanzaro

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Maureen Dowling Hi Norm
I do have the first Banta Pioneers book and I have the Theodore Banta book. I've read that the house was torn down in 1985 and that the windmill is gone; however, Theodore's book indicates that the windmill was preserved and moved. I can't find it. I will check out any cemetaries in Minnertsga and the other  places they lived. Perhaps I'll find some sign of them there.Do you have the photo of Epke's self-portrait fro Dinon photographers? I got a copy and it was fun to get a picture of an ancestor from the 1600's.   
7 years ago
Maureen Dowling made a mistake
Epke Jacobse is my 8th times great grandfather. My line goes from Cornelius to Abram to Samuel to Abraham to Margery who married Henry Winter. Cornelius' wife, Magdalena Des Marets, was the daughter of a Lord who probably received the title during the Crusades (Fr. Hugenots).
7 years ago