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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Larson, Olson, Noll, Siebert, Moellering, Day
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Anne Grethe Larsen Dear Angela!! People here are pinching everything from me. Are you a reletive og me?? Some hansen is complaining for going into her familyside. I have a relative going right back to a pastor Kirchemoe in Norway and my grandmother was born Hansen but married Svendsen Olsen, my grandfather.
Now I am talking about " The death on internet" You live in USA! Do you know anything about the kennedys? The buriel of John F. Kennedy come onto my screen every now and then.
I know, you live in the same town as Ethel Kennedy, the wife of Robert Kennedy. It hurts me to see the poor people included the murders. Help if you can. I have got some relatives in Wasingtown it would be a Sullivan/Hellum.
Best wishes from Anne Grethe
4 years ago
Anne Grethe Larsen Escuse me, but you are put on my familiside. Is it Dagmar?
4 years ago
Anne Grethe Larsen Helle Angela! I wrote something in your book, but now it has gone. I have been thinking. Are you related to Gårn Sørensens, they have been in USA? The computer gives me Carolyn Anne Larson as a grand aunt. It coul be through the family Gårn Sørensen, also related to our nurse Katrine Sørensen, Byrum, Læsø. It could be through
my grandfathers two cousins in USA. Dagmar is the one of them, the other might have been called Olga. The Gårn Sørensens come from my grandfathers Lars Degn Larsens mother, Læsø. My e-mail adress is please wright me back. Good morning wishes Anne Grethe.
4 years ago
Anne Grethe Larsen Hello Angela! Now it is long ago, since I wrote to you, because I dougted, that we were in family, but you might anyway. Try to look at Rigmors ancestor scale, she lives in Norway and have a lolt of family going right back to the Kirchemoes, containing Henrik the Swarte, and Erik from Pommern. She will stand on Kathlen Nolls familyside, I do not remember Rigmors last name, but she lives in North-Trøndelag. Have a good day from Anne Grethe, Denmark.
Do you think, you have the small Madeleine Mc. Cann in USA, the lately brought a film about her dieapearing from Portugal in 2007, the film was taken in 2007, and I think it was herself, who participated in the film. She will be 8 years old on the 12. of May. I very much hope, she is still alive, and then she maybe in USA still. She belongs to a doctor in Liverpool. Have a nice day wishes Anne Grethe from Denmark.
4 years ago