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Debbie Noakes

Joined:August 12 2007 (8 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Noakes/Newlin/Bramble/Brown/Feeney/Bonney/Witchard/Webber/Wallace/Wilson/Coleman/BlanchHerivel/Brown/Saxby

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Lee Hi Debbie,
Thank you very much for allowing me to join your site. Your records are quite extensive and I am having fun checking my files against yours. One thing that I have found today that will interest you is that Sarah and Emmaline Noakes the daughters of Rebecca Piper and Jane Noakes were twins. Born 31 Jul 1843 in Dapto. I could not find birth records for these two girls. Other files have shown they were born a year apart, but this is no longer the case. I have found the birth records and the birth certificate numbers are consecutive. I have included this information in this note. I always had thought that Emmaline's name was Emily. But now thanks to you that has been cleared up. The name was also spelt incorrectly on records. it was recorded as Knox not Noakes
Birth records

I am not alone in my pursuit of family history. My brother Rex in Melbourne is my partner in crime so to speak. I will tell him that I have joined your site and I hope you will allow him access as well. His name is Lochlan Rex Crawford but we all call him Rex.
He has access to information in Melbourne that I cannot access so it works out well.
Also I would like to tell you my cousin Evelyn McDonald ( born Austin) is interested in what I do but she doesn't join sites I just tell her what I find out. She is the daughter of Matthew Austin (known as Eddie) and Joyce Curvey my Uncle Eddie and Aunty Joyce.
Joyce was the twin sister of my mum Ethel.

Thank you and I will enjoy communicating with you at differnet times.

All the best
6 years ago
Lee Hi Debbie
Could you please check the birth dates of the family of George Lawrence and Mary Purcell. Adrian and Herbert are both recorded as being born in 1884. This seems at first unlikely as there is only 7 months between the births..
Could have they been twins born in either Mar or Oct. I am very maticulious with my research and I check and double check everything. Most of the time the decepencies are just type-os. I would appreciate your help in this matter. The records come from America so it could be difficult.

Thank You
6 years ago
mariee babington hi debbie,thank you for letting me talk to you the family that i'm in is the townsend's my grandfather is wiiliam richard townsend married to olive may edmonds and you have so much about his father and mother that i would love to talk thanks mariee babington nee[townsend]
5 years ago
Unknown Hi Mariee
If you would like i can send you a what I have on the family
Eric William Richard Townsend is my 3rd cousin
debbie (
5 years ago
mariee babington hi,debbie that would be lovely as i'm just starting my family tree. i also would like to know if cathy blanch is related a we worked together for a long time and i saw her on your family tree thanks again mariee.
5 years ago
Ken Witchard Hello Debbie, great to make the contact, I read with interest your mention of Saphire QLD, my son Scott from my first marriage lives in Emerald and has lived in Saphire when he was young. I am still working on family records and also updating the family section to the big web site I run for our Naval group. Born in Kempsey now living in Bega down south. Im looking forward to getting back north for Chrstmas this year.bye for now....Ken
5 years ago
elisha baines Hi Debbie just wondering do you have any more info on Phoebe Jones and Phoebe m Bennett i need to know if there is any aboriginals thanks elisha
5 years ago
margot jones Hi Debbie,
My name is Margaret (nee Gore) gr. gr. grandaughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth I am gleaning information to write a family history. Have you anything which may help me? I am particularly interested in kowingwhat happened to Frances Pussell (Elizabeth's sister who came with her on the Templar in 1884) I think she may have died soon after arrival How are we related? I live at Warners bay now but have lived all my life in the Hunter Valley. I am 69 years old. Best wishes Margaret
5 years ago
Thecla Bath Hello Debbie; My father was Stanley George Bath. He is on your family tree. Would you share with me what his association is with your family. Thecla Fenton
5 years ago
Unknown Yes we do have a lnk
Robert Noakes was a 2nd cousin to my late husband Robert Henry George Noakes.

Robert Noakes and his wife Alice Eleanor Baker were 1st cousins. Robert's mother Charlotte Cutbush and Alice's mother Eleanor Cutbush were sister.
4 years ago
David Quick To Debbie Noakes;

You joined the Francis QUick Web Site. Do you see a connection between our two families.

Perhaps it is through the Sopher Family who moved to Australia. Alta Madeline Dunford married Albert John Sopher. She is the daughter of Gertrude Dunford (ne Quick) , my grandfather's older sister. You will find her on our francis Quick Family Tree

David Quick
4 years ago
john mills I played RL with a Bruce Noakes at Walcha between 1947 and 1950.He was also my Matilda Tank driver in the Hunter River Lancers.Is he one of yours.There is a photo of Bruce with the football team.
3 years ago
Unknown I would say so! Bruce Coleman Noakes was born abt1925 Walch, he married Nola May Goodwin.
My families are related to the Mills family throught the Webber, Tisdell, Saxby, Bramble to name a few
3 years ago
jasmine ruth martin Hi Debie
my names Jasmine Ruth Martin im kathraine mona martins grand daughter im the daughter of her son trevor leonard martin i was just wondering who you are and what are your relations to the pair you seem to know alot more about my grandfather the my grand mother if you could get back to me that would be great thanks jazz
2 years ago
Jeff PITT Hi Debbie - I had previously confirmed matches under Hannah AVERY with your records of parents of John AVERY and Hannah BOON. Deeper research has shown this incorrect so I have had to reject the match. My direct email for more info on this family is if you are interested....Jeff
2 years ago
Jeff PITT Hi again - I had also confirmed a match with "Jason" THOMPSON whose correct name is James THOMPSON. Let me know if you want more info....Jeff
2 years ago