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Roxie Barnett Hi my name is Roxie Barnett and I seen your family tree on my heritage and noticed this was part of my family tree to could you maybe email me and see what more you know or I .
7 years ago
Patricia Bouchard Hi my name is patricia and I think that they may be a different branch of Gordon. William also known as willy, was my great grandfather on my fathers side, and I can't find his parents even though I heard they came to canada from Scotland. And His children have different names than the ones you have. He had 11. bUt 8 living when my father was born. in 1932. But, Keep looking, you may find the rest.
7 years ago
Benjamin Ramsey Hi, My name is Benjamin Ramsey and i am trying to research my family tree. I was just wondering if you have any further in fo past Benjamin F. Ramsey because i seem to be stuck at him and cannot find his parents
if you have any more info i would be very grateful to have it
thank you
6 years ago
nicolle howard we have a match to cyrus roberts who is my ggggg-grand father. any info you could share with me would be helpful.
you can contact me at
4 years ago
Henry Laws Hi Nana's Den.. Just OK your smart matches on the Baskerville's, If you need more info on them call me;;;;;;;;
regards Henry Laws.
3 years ago
Carolyn Arnold I would love to become a member of your site so that I can see what other information you have about my heritage. My whole family tree seems to be included in your site. But I cant see some as they are private due to not being a member of your tree. I dont have all the family info since most of the upper generations have passed away.
3 years ago
zara mercer I would like to become a member of this site thanks in advance
Zara Garrett Mercer
102 days ago