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June Gray Crumps in Missouri
I'm surprised almost no one has posted on here...that's where I've found the most help on other sites.  So here goes...I am descended from Crumps starting in the  U.K. about 1700's.  I'm not sure who the first one over here to the U.S.A. was, some of them headed for Delaware, others for Kentucky & Virginia.  Mine moved southeast to Missouri.  My grandmother was Ada Crump who married Charles Henry Gray. My dad was Charles Glen Gray and since he was the only one of his siblings who produced a child (and, only one) that makes me the last of the Grays.  At least, that I have found so far.I have found many Crumps, would like to find more in Elijah's line, and would really be happy to locate some more Grays.  William & Emily Gray, who were Charles Henry's parents in the early 1800's, are as far back as I can get without a miracle or two.  I'm sure Charles Henry had siblings but I haven't a clue who they were.So, if any of you out there have any stray Missouri Crumps or Grays, please share them with me. I'd really appreciate it.Jacki
7 years ago
Kelli Ann Furman Thank you for the invitation. I wasn't aware your site existed until now. Hang in there you've done a beautiful job putting this site together. Another feather for your cap!

Kelli Ann
7 years ago