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Unknown stillborn
Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.  My daughter this past Mother's day was pregnant with identical twin girls and was 6 1/2 mo along. She went into early labor and both babies died in childbirth. We have all grieved so much over this but the Hospital was so tender and the Volunteers made clothes, knitted blankets, made bonnets and took Pictures with footprints. They also provided 2 grave sites behind the hospital free of charge. (They live in Virginia Beach).  My daughter got to hold her daughters before they were buried and for her and me, the closure was so important.  So that is what is driving me to find my Mom's baby. She never got to say goodbye and I know firsthand how important that was for her.  Thank you for the info. If  you ever hear anything else or run across someone who may know anything please contact me. Thanks for your kindness.  P.S. one of the twin girls was named after my mom Sage Joy (Mom's name was Joy)
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