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Marilena Borella Hi there! How are you related to Martin Swig, Natasha Swig, and Virginia? Natasha is my mother.
5 years ago
Gur Ziv Hi Marilena,
Nice to meet you, we are related and here is how it goes:

Gur Ziv is a 5th cousin once removed of Natasha Swig
Here's how:
1. Martin Swig is the father of Natasha Swig
2. Howard Roosevelt Swig is the father of Martin Swig
3. Simon Swig is the father of Howard Roosevelt Swig
4. Dora (Dvora) Swig (born Akabas) is the mother of Simon Swig
5. Asher (Ozer) Akabas is the father of Dora (Dvora) Swig (born Akabas)
6. Eliezer (Shachne) Akabas is a brother of Asher (Ozer) Akabas
7. Batia Grodzensky (born Akabas) is a daughter of Eliezer (Shachne) Akabas
8. Pesya Shapiro (born Grodzensky) is a daughter of Batia Grodzensky (born Akabas)
9. Rochel Kowarsky (born Shapiro) is a daughter of Pesya Shapiro (born Grodzensky)
10. Kalma Wortreich (born Kowarsky) is a daughter of Rochel Kowarsky (born Shapiro)
11. Toni Ziv (born Wortreich) is a daughter of Kalma Wortreich (born Kowarsky)
12. Gur Ziv is a son of Toni Ziv (born Wortreich)
5 years ago