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Ruth Campbell Gordon,

Good to hear from you. I am excited about this new site.
I have been busy with index census records so everyone can view them and the never ending task of organizing information. I did accomplish a picture ancester wall. Framed is Isaac Fraser. Along with Henry Hewitt and Maude Fraser my great grandparents. Thanks for sharing.
Ruth Campbell
7 years ago
Gordon McBean Good to hear from you.

I also have a project to complete my Ancestor photo wall. I have acquired a number of new images that I need to get up one of these days. Then again is it ever completed? One of my motives of doing this new site is to try and identify the people in the images I have, to acquire at least one image of eaach person and hopefully to get people contribiting life stories for the individuals.

If you have anything you can add please do. If you cannot figure out how to add something send it to me and I will upload it.

7 years ago
Sheila Farrington Schweitzer A great site. Thank you for letting me know about it.
Sheila Farrington Schweitzer
7 years ago
Margaret Johnson Bohne Hi Gordon;
Thomas & Phoebe Wright were my great great grandparents, making Mary Catherine Corner my great aunt. I have a lot of Corner children listed in our records but no info on them.
Margaret Johnson Bohne
6 years ago
Anne Sterling I am here in Ottawa and belong to British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) If anyone comes to Ottawa I am free to meet you. Family names in Huntley, March and Fitzroy Townships such as: Boucher, Acres, Story, Latimer, just about all Anglican.
I can look up info for others in the Ottawa city directories which are a great source of info. They start in 1864.
Anne Sterling
6 years ago
Roberta Schulz Gord--You have done such a great job with this site. Thank you so much. I'm afraid I haven't been keeping up too well but hope to add more in the future.
5 years ago
Tanya Macdonald Gord - I have had a Smart Match for Oscar Hemphill however, I have different middle name and I have his wife as McBain rather than McBean. These COULD be the same person...please look on my family tree which is a Public Tree and see if the others appear to match.
3 years ago
Gordon McBean Descendants of John McBain

Generation 1
The people you mentioned are in my stray file who are not yet related to me. It ias not uncommon for McBean and McBain to be interchainged.

Here is what I have
1. JOHN1 MCBAIN was born about 1791. He died on 18 Oct 1848 in Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland. He married GRACE TAYLOR.

Notes for Grace Taylor: From:

5/21/99 12:14 PM


MCBEAN family (Nairn, Scotland) information

Hello Gordon:

I'm wondering if the information I have might help you or whether you might have any which might help me. I'm really just sort of starting out on my search and have purchased FTM software to try to keep track of things.

Here is what I have so far:

My Great-Great-Grandfather is Oscar Lyman HEMPHILL born- approx 1846 Ontario (origin Irish)

died- Nov 2, 1874 Dundas Ontario age 28
-unfortunately I can't find any info about his parents or brothers/sisters.

My Great-Great-Grandmother is Anne MCBEAN christened Oct 5, 1845 Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland. died Feb 26, 1883 Dundas Ontario age 37

>From the Scottish Church records at the Mormon church I found the following

about Anne MCBEAN's parents
Anne MCBEAN (F)....................... C: 5 Oct 1845 Ba: C111232
Father: John MCBEAN Nairn, Nairn, Scotland So: 990985
Mother: Grace TAYLOR Pr: 6902605
I have not looked at what Ba: So: or Pr: has. Would this be worthwhile?
What do these mean?

I have information on all of the descendents of Oscar Lyman HEMPHILL and Anne McBEAN.

Children were John HEMPHILL (b.1868 - first son named after father John MCBEAN?), Cyrus Oscar HEMPHILL (b.1870) and Grace Isabel HEMPHILL (b.1872 - first daughter named after mother Grace TAYLOR?)

Cyrus Oscar HEMPHILL had a son John Oscar HEMPHILL (b.1902)

Oscar Lyman HEMPHILL and Annie MCBEAN were married in 1867 in Dundas Ontario. I have their marriage certificate.

-Both Oscar Lyman HEMPHILL and Anne (Annie) MCBEAN are buried in the Grove Cemetery in Dundas Ontario (not listed in OCFA but are listed in the Grove Cemetery Office Records Index in the Hamilton Public Library). I'm not sure

if I am able to look at the actual records to see if there is any further information beyond age, grave location and date of death on Annie MCBEAN. -They were married July 29th, 1867

-A notice in the Dundas True Banner on Aug 1, 1867 reads:
"Married: On the 29th inst. by the Rev. J. McColl, at the residence of the bride's uncle, Oscar Hemphill, to Annie McBean, lately from Nairn,

Generation 1 (con't)

Nairnshire, Scotland."......this means uncle at mother's brother (TAYLOR) or uncle at John MCBEAN's brother (MCBEAN ~~b. 1815-1822 living in Dundas) house in Dundas.

-Also buried in the Grove Cemetery is:

"AITKINS","Grace (Taylor)","Grove","Wentworth","Flamborough West","HM-372-1","A325" "AITKINS","Peter","Grove","Wentworth","Flamborough West","HM-372-1","A325" -This is Anne MCBEAN's mother Grace TAYLOR (b.~1819 died 61years old sept 27, 1880)

-This means that Grace was about 27yrs old when she gave birth to Anne - did Anne have older siblings?

-It seems that Grace TAYLOR re-married with Peter Atkins of Dundas (after 1869) which means that either John MCBEAN died or took off on her at some point between Anne's birth (1845) and Peter Atkins arrival to Dundas (1869). -There is an obituary on the front page of the Dundas Star May 20, 1897 for Peter Atkins (age 74). It says that he came to Dundas from Scotland about 28 years ago - (1869 - two years after Annie McBEAN's wedding in Ontario). It also says that his wife (Grace TAYLOR) died about 16 years ago - (~1881) which matches a date in the HEMPHILL bible I have for her death being Sept 27, 1880. The obituary also states that Peter leaves one child (with Grace

TAYLOR?) named Alexs Atkins (Annie MCBEAN's step brother?? what kind of name is "Alexs" ??) of the Chicago Inter-Ocean(is this a boat company??), who arrived in town Monday night.

-After Anne MCBEAN died, her three children with Oscar were raised by a family called the WHEELERS from Dundas. I don't know the connection.

I'm thinking that the "uncle's house" where Annie and Oscar got married at

in 1867 is a TAYLOR. I'm thinking that maybe JOHN MCBEAN (Annie's father) died in Scotland and subsequently Mother, brother and daughter moved to Dundas Ontario. There are quite of few TAYLORs in the Dundas Grove Cemetery but I don't believe there are any MCBEANS

I'd appreciate any help you can provide. Any suggestions on how to research further on Annie's father John MCBEAN (approx b. 1815 - 1820)from Nairn Scotland?


Greg Hemphill

John McBain and Grace Taylor had the following children:

i. JAMES2 MCBAIN was born about 1842. He died on 26 Jan 1868.

ii. ANNE MCBEAN was born about 1845. She married OSCAR LYMAN HEMPHILL. He was born about 1846 in Ontario. He died on 02 Nov 1874 in Dundas, Ontario.

Notes for Anne McBean:

d/o John McBean and Grace Taylor, b. ? , c. 5 Oct 1845, Nairn, Nairn, Scotland
3 years ago