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robin mott how are you related to burdette
7 years ago
Charlotte Doane Hi Robin
I need more information please Is Burdette a first name or a last name ? The reason I'm asking is I could not find Burdette as a last name in my file so I am thinking it must be a first name not a last and also it is not a name I am aware of so it would probably be a wife / husband of a cousin or something like that , any way I would be happy to search it out for you with the new information
looking forward to your reply
Char Roush Doane
7 years ago
Christina Miller Was just wondering how you are related to Elmer and Elva Glenn. They are my great grandparents. Thanks!
7 years ago
Charlotte Doane Elva Rachel Waters is my 4th cousin 1 time removed, her father Isaac Pingry Waters is my 3rd cousn 2 times removed and his mother Margaret Roush is my 2cousin 3 times removed whos father is Henry roush Jr. who is my 1st cousin 4 times removed his father Henry Roush Sr. is my 3rd great grand uncle his father Philip Roush Sr. is my 4th great grandfather
7 years ago
Michael McFarland wondering the relationship with Reuben & Rosemary and their 5 children. Reuben was my 1/2 brother
7 years ago
Charlotte Doane Hi michael
Reuben is a 4th cousin 3 times removed to my husband
7 years ago
Michael McFarland Thanks for responding Charlotte- Reuben also had a brother, George Jr. and a Sister, Toni ... If you would like further info , let me know ...
6 years ago
burnett Crowley how are you related to anna dyor [york ]
6 years ago
Brenda Arlene Hoschar charlette103 are you related to hoschar and rhodes?
5 years ago
Lucy Dembek Hi, Why are you interested in John Thomas Sullivan's Family tree?
4 years ago
John Cunningham Charlotte:
How are we related?
2 years ago